Rest & Relaxation Series: A Family Room That’s All About Quality Time

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In a few of our recent articles, we’ve been discussing the importance of creating a relaxing and restful environment throughout your home. Not only is a peaceful home more enjoyable. But it also plays an important part in the mental and physical health of you and your family.

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We’ve discussed ways to make your bedroom and bathroom more restful. Now it’s time to move on to a space that will benefit the entire family. The family room is a place where the people you love and live your life with can all come together at once. Family rooms should be a space for making memories, forging closer bonds, and resting from the concerns of the outside world. Let’s talk about a few ways you can make your family room a haven that draws your loved ones in, and makes them want to stay a while.

Carefully select your color palette

We’ve already touched on the calming effect of certain colors. However, the family room may call for a different color choice than a bedroom where you are trying to get your best sleep. While you want your family room to be relaxing, you may also want to choose colors that will lend a bit of exuberance. 

Ideally, a family room should stimulate good conversation and warm, affectionate feelings toward each other. When picking out your paint colors, you will want to think about the overall space, what color your furniture is, and other elements of your decorating style. You want to provide a sense of order and peacefulness, but also choose colors to which you personally respond in a vibrant and refreshing way. This may look different for each person. Some respond well to clean whites and pale neutrals, while others find a lack of color to be sterile and uninspiring. 

The most important thing to remember is that this space should be restful for your specific family unit. As you consider different color choices, don’t allow yourself to be swayed by what others are doing. Only pick something that you and your family will truly love and feel completely at home in.

Keep the clutter out

As we have discussed before, the mind is negatively stimulated by clutter, and can trigger stress hormones. Not exactly what you’re looking to accomplish in your family’s haven of rest. Keeping the clutter to a minimum can require determination, especially for those who easily accumulate new “stuff”. It is a mindset, and it requires putting boundaries on yourself and others to accomplish your goal of keeping the stress-inducing clutter out of your common living areas.

Neat fireplace area

Clutter can take a couple of different forms. It can look like random junk that doesn’t belong, but was left behind out of forgetfulness or laziness. It can also look like overzealous decorating, with superfluous knick-knacks covering every surface. 

Again, everybody’s comfort zone is different. One person’s minimalism may cause another to feel like they are in a sterile operating room. If you enjoy decorating with a lot of stuff, there are still some great ways to avoid cluttering up the space

If your main issue is keeping the room tidy, you may want to think about setting some boundaries for yourself and your family. You could limit the types of things that are allowed to be brought in, such as toys or food, homework and school supplies,etc. You could begin a practice of always looking for something to take with you whenever you are leaving the room. And of course, a basket with a lid hides a multitude of clutter! Once or twice a day, gather the clutter and toss it in the basket. At the end of the day, make a habit of emptying the basket with your family for a fresh start.

Let nature do her thing

Nobody can deny the calming and refreshing effects of being in a nature-filled environment. Bring a touch of that into your family room with an array of beautiful plants. Not only will they look pretty, they will also refresh the brain by re-oxygenating the air.

If you have little ones or pets, it is important to be aware of which plants are harmful to them. Do your research on each plant you are interested in and be sure to avoid the harmful ones or keep them out of reach. 

Add plenty of cozy elements for lounging

Lastly, let’s talk about getting cozy. How can we discuss relaxing spaces without mentioning lounging? Especially in the fall and winter, adding cozy elements throughout your space is crucial to a relaxing atmosphere. Who wants to hang out and wind down in a stiff, formal room when they’re cold and tired? 

There are so many little extra touches you can add that will turn your family room into an inviting and restful space. Lots of cozy blankets will invite people to curl up on chilly days. Fluffy pillows on the sofa will make them want to sink in and stay awhile. And a soft rug for cold feet will draw them in and welcome them with warmth and comfort. 

Cozy area

Additionally, infuse your family rest space with an air of comfort by enlisting the help of a crackling fireplace, the warm glow of lit candles, soft music, and a stack of family-favorite read alouds. Your loved ones won’t be able to resist.

Make your family room just right for you

As you consider ways to make your family room a restful and relaxing space, make sure you remember that your family is unique. These ideas are meant to help you, but they may not all be right for your family. Think about the things your family loves, and add personalized touches throughout. Don’t let yourself get distracted by what others are doing, and only choose things that truly bring a sense of peacefulness to you and your loved ones.

If you are looking for more ways to cozy up your family room for the fall and winter months, check out these luxurious throws and blankets. They’re perfect for the cooler weather, and they’re sure to make your loved ones eager to wrap up and stay a while.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

October 29, 2022