6 Ways To Make Your Mobile Home More Sports-Friendly

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Are you a sports fan who watches sports, plays sports, or both? If you are, then we have some tips for you today! Mobile homes have a limited footprint, and it’s sometimes tricky to create storage and space for your sports needs. However, there are many great hacks out there created for people just like you – and they’re just a Google search away. But we rounded up a few of our favorites to get you started.

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#1 Craft bicycle storage for small spaces

Even if you’re not a passionate cyclist, chances are you and your kids have bikes for those casual, evening rides. Living in a mobile home means you may not have a garage to conveniently store them. Should you just get rid of the bikes? No, of course not. There are many different options for storing bikes on your walls, from DIY bike racks (like this simple one or this classy one) to non-DIY storage solutions you can find right at your local home improvement store. 

We also love this minimalist approach to bicycle storage, using only a couple of wooden pegs to hang your bike and make it part of the decor at the same time. Pegs are also a great way to hang helmets.

#2 Practice golf at home

Were you planning to golf today but it rained? Want to get more golf practice in your spare moments at home? Consider investing in a small putting green. These are perfect for small spaces, and there are many variations. From a simple mat to specialized putting greens like this one, you’re sure to find something for your specific needs.

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#3 Employ skateboard storage hacks

There are about as many skateboard storage hacks in the world as there are skateboards. Hang your favorite boards on the wall in plain view with this minimal wooden hanger we found on Etsy. Or save room with this multiple-board rack from Backcountry Racks. Bonus tip: store your ski equipment right alongside your skateboards if you decide to go with a rack. That’s two for one!

#4 Protect your walls and play darts with peace of mind

Darts are a great indoor game. And, best of all, darts are small-home-friendly! Whether you’re playing with friends or your kids, you’ll need to take steps to protect your walls. You can easily keep your walls safe by purchasing a magnetic dartboard with magnetic darts. No need to worry about a shot gone wrong.

However, if you prefer real darts, purchase a corkboard, or create a trendy surround with cast-off wood. Alternatively, invest in a dartboard cabinet that not only protects your walls but hides away your game when you’re not playing.

#5 Play basketball, mobile home style

Basketball court stencils for your driveway are a great way for a quick upgrade that the kids are sure to love. Small basketball court systems that you can install yourself are also a great option if you have your own property. If your driveway is small, setting up a small court in the backyard is a good way to get the kids (and you) out of doors for a little practice and exercise. 

If you don’t own the lot your mobile home is situated on, you can buy mats that go right on top of the grass. We also love these interlocking sports tiles.

Basketball on outdoor court

#6 Invest in storage for balls, pucks, tennis rackets, and more

With so many options out there for DIY storage (not to mention all the solutions you can find right at your local hardware store), it can be overwhelming. Here are a few ideas:

  • Store all manner of small sports equipment in cube bookshelves, with or without fabric totes.
  • Hang scooters on hooks.
  • Put balls in a metal trashcan with a lid for industrial-style storage and quick cleanup when guests are coming.
  • Use an old pallet for fun and trendy vertical storage for pucks and tennis rackets.
  • Build this rolling cart for easy storage and transportation to the backyard.
  • Or make yourself a storage net out of netting – this one is great for kid’s rooms!

A sports-friendly mobile home

Creating space for sports you and your family love allows you to enjoy your activities without being frustrated by disorder and clutter. We hope these six tips have inspired you to think outside to box and get back to playing whatever sport you’re passionate about.

 Make sports accessible in your mobile home. Not only are they a good way to relax and get some exercise, but you can also include friends and family and make great memories this summer. And while you’re brainstorming your summer plans, take a look at our 7 summer buys to help you enjoy this season (and the entire rest of the year, too).

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

August 11, 2020