The Best Spring Color Palettes For Your Mobile Home Bedroom

Paint palette for bedroom

Your bedroom can be a place of quiet relaxation. Or it might be an energetic area where you tackle problems and work from your home office. On the other hand, it might fill both of those roles. But if your special space needs a makeover, you know that color is one piece of the puzzle. That’s why today we’re introducing spring color palettes for your mobile home bedroom.

Paint palette for bedroom

Of course, for a fresh spring look, pastels are an obvious choice. But they certainly aren’t the only choice. And this vivacious bedroom with its flowered wallpaper can attest to that fact.

White, white, white, then a ZAP of your favorite punchy color

White offers plenty of potential for brightening up a space. It’s a very fresh way to go on its own. But, we have to admit that what Leighton Design did in a bedroom (photo 4) for this Rochester, NY home, is doubly fresh.

Black & white (and gray)

Some could be looking for a color palette with plenty of white but without the pop of color. In that case, add class and take the room forward into other seasons by pairing white with gray and black. Michelle Lepak of Dandelion Patina created some lovely bedroom spaces with this palette. There’s the master bedroom and also her daughter’s room. Notice the impact of the brown wood and the green plants, too.

White, white, wood

Then there’s this bedroom from Sarah Jane of Sarah Jane Interiors. She complements white with, you guessed it … more white. But there’s also the vintage glory of paint peeling to reveal little glimpses of wood. And there’s a green plant to brighten things up. Additionally, she has those warm, authentic wood floors.

Gorgeous green

While we could spend all our time discussing white options for your spring makeover, we won’t. There are other lovely options you should be sure to consider. In this next home, green gets upgraded to a center-stage star as it coats the ceiling and walls.  

With shiplap and bunk beds, the space has a nautical-feel broken up by lively bedspreads and zany, striped pillows. Try the seafoam green with white and blue in your own space. Then throw in some accents.

Green yet again

Spring is certainly a perfect time to celebrate the return of green to the world outside. Trees pop green buds out and lawns liven up with new grass. But, don’t leave the green look to the view outside your window. Bring it right in the house. And if the green room above wasn’t quite your style, try this more pastel version on your walls.

In this sweet nursery, Emily Henderson created a bright, airy space with minty green, coral, and white. Try it for yourself even if your bedroom won’t be a spot for a baby’s nights and naps. A white bed frame and dresser could get you started. Then, take the walls to new heights with a can of paint.

Bring on the beach

Even if you don’t live in a house on the coast, you can still draw inspiration for your bedroom palette from the beach. Specifically, turn to this bedroom created by Sarah of Life on Virginia Street. She pulled blues and neutrals together masterfully. In fact, take stock of the number of shades of blue in that room.

Vintage peach

Draw on the what’s represented this photo of Roeshel Summerville’s furniture re-do. Your bedroom palette could tap into the charm of those vintage peach chairs. Then, she has some darker colors thanks to the wood floor and the cart. Plus, we love that pop of cornflower blue courtesy of the bottom book on her upper stack. And note the other blues added by the photo on the wall, too.

Learn & do

Of course, your own space doesn’t need to look exactly like any of the above. Use these palates as inspiration to craft your own appealing area.

Peach bedsheets and pink flowers

You may decide to introduce totally new colors alongside some of the ones from above. And you may find that you like the outcome even better when you do.

Design your own space

You want your bedroom to be so much more than its four walls. With some fresh paint and new furniture (or simply a new take on old furniture), start creating a delightful space. Plus, gather more decor inspiration from our blog. There’s our 8 Ways To Pull Off The Art Deco Look In Your Mobile Home. And if you want to introduce some new items, check out Unique Fabrics & Textures To Incorporate In Your Mobile Home Decorating.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

May 13, 2019