7 Things To Buy This Summer That You Can Use Year-Round

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For the frugal mobile homeowner, saving pennies is a strategy. And we’re all about healthy strategizing. There’s something freeing about knowing that your hard-earned pennies are treated with respect and care. It’s all about good stewardship with what you’ve been given. 

Before you insist that this article isn’t for you, think about the fact that there are some things that are best bought at particular seasons. Did you know that?

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Today we’re going to look at seven different things that are worth buying in the summer. And, barring bad weather, most of these things can be used in or outside your mobile home year-round. How cool is that? 

7 things to buy this summer that you can use in your mobile home year-round

So keep in mind, we’re not talking about seasonal items such as water guns and swimming pools. (Although if you live in an area that feels like summer year-round, we guess such items are a win, right?)

1 – Computers

In August, primarily, computers are at an all-time low. The back to school sales is something to be capitalized on. If you’re in need of a new laptop, this would be a good time to shop around and settle on a machine. 

Make sure you look around at various local and online stores for the best deal. If you’re a college student, don’t forget to ask about an educational discount on top of a good deal. It certainly never hurts to ask.

Who doesn’t love savings? Your new machine will help you get those school or office tasks done. It’s a good investment but it’s even better when you go for it at the right time.

2 – Fireworks

Person holding lit sparkler f

To say that fireworks are a summer staple is an understatement. If you want fireworks to enjoy at a celebration later in the year or earlier in the year, keep in mind that acquiring them outside of the fourth of July season is a challenge.

It’s best to get them while they’re hot and selling. (Not literally hot, of course.)

3 – Waterproof gadget accessories

Another thing that’s easy to find during the summer months is waterproof accessories for your gadgets. It’s that time of year when folks are having fun in the water and thereby trying to protect their phones, cameras, etc.

But protecting your gadgets aren’t just for the dog days of summer. Fall, winter, and spring may find you in situations where you’d wished you had a waterproof accessory on hand. 

If you’re into outdoorsy or athletic activities year-round, you’ll want to capitalize on the opportunity to get out and shop for what you need. 

4 – Lawn games

To say that lawn games are just for summer is silly. For those who like to exercise hospitality in their mobile home throughout the cooler seasons, there are many lawn games that may be employed for a good time with friends and family. 

Not all lawn games are going to call for getting wet and soaked. Horseshoe, cornhole toss, volleyball nets and so forth have their place in your mobile home’s yard.

5 – Grilling accessories

For grilling accessories and tools, summer is the best time to shop. You don’t have to hunt for those special grilling accessories. They’re easy to find in your favorite department stores. From grill brushes to specialized thermometers, summer is the best time to shop for these tools you can use throughout the year. 

6 – Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture options and prices are best throughout the summer. You’ll find ideal prices with a plethora of outdoor furniture pieces to choose from. Whether it’s a swingset or comfortable weatherproof seating to place around your firepit, the summer options will serve you well.

7 – Camping gear

To prepare for your outdoor adventures that take place throughout the various seasons, camping gear and clothing is best purchased during the summer months. Shop around for your new tent or outdoor clothing — you’ll love the pricing and styles available to you.

Good things come with summer

Now that you know what to look for in savings during the summer months, you’re a step ahead of the saving game. Summer savings can seep into the rest of the year as you find those things you bought and continue to use are harder to find during the cooler months.

With summer in full swing already, there is still time to enjoy to the best of your abilities. Check out these 19 ways to welcome summer into your mobile home’s life. You’ll be glad you did. Happy summer and happy shopping!

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

July 17, 2019