5 Safe & Effective Methods To Tackle Stains On Mobile Home Furniture

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What’s a home without a few spills and stains in its lifetime? It’s nothing to panic about. We know, we know. Your mobile home should look nice. We agree. But it shouldn’t look nice at the expense of making friends and family feel like they can’t breathe due to fear of putting wear and tear on the place.

You can accept that stains will happen. You can also accept the idea of not being OK with the stains.

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A mobile home should be lived in and cared for! So guess what? You can tackle the stains on your furniture. And you can do it safely and effectively with some of the stain removal hacks we’re be sharing with you, dear reader.

5 safe and effective methods to tackle stains on mobile home furniture

So let’s look at five safe and effective methods for tackling stains on mobile home furniture. We wish you the best. As a rule of thumb, we recommend that you test the cleaning solution of your choice on a hidden part of the furniture piece you’re working to clean up.

What you don’t want to do is cause damage to your furniture in an attempt to clean it up. Some finishes or fabrics may be a bit more persnickety than others. 

And while these methods are touted as safe and effective, it’s always best to exercise caution. Your furniture is nothing to trifle with. Give it the love and care it deserves. By keeping your furniture clean, you’ll give it a longer lifespan.

1 – Remove salsa stains

So did your teen spill some salsa during last night’s football game? No big deal. There’s help for such an occasion. 

First of all, pick up as much of the salsa as you can. After that, get yourself some warm water and mix it up with two drops of liquid dish soap. Shake the solution up in a spray bottle and get to work by spritzing your cleaning solution onto a damp towel. 

To avoid rubbing the salsa into your couch’s fabric, apply the towel to the surface in a blotting motion. Keep it up until the stain is removed. Use a fresh towel to blot the area with warm water. Finally, use a dry towel to blot up excess moisture. Oh — and for an extra touch of cleaning power, sprinkle a little baking soda. Once the baking soda is dry, vacuum it up.

2 – Remove scuff marks off wood furniture

Scuff marks on your wood furniture? Never fear. First, using heavy pressure, rub a tennis ball over the scuffs. Rotate the tennis ball while rubbing until the mark is gone. Alternatively, get your hands on an eraser and rub it against the scuff mark. Another method you can employ is that of taking a terry cloth to your scuff marks. Use the terry cloth to rub a wood cleaner onto the surface. 

Wooden furniture

3 – Remove red wine stains

If that throw pillow of yours boasts of a red wine stain, think again before throwing it out. (Pun intended.) Get your hands on an empty spray bottle — you’re going to make a cleaner out of two teaspoons of liquid dish soap and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Add a cup of water. Shake up your spray bottle after pouring in your mixture. 

Following the solution prep, you may now spritz the affected area. Don’t go beyond making the surface damp — you don’t want it soaking wet. Walk away from the stain for a few minutes, then take a clean rag to blot dry the area. Repeat as necessary.

4 – Remove coffee stains

For the stubborn coffee stains in your life, dilute the stain with cool water. You can do this by taking a rag, dunking it water, wringing out the excess and then applying it to the carpet. 

Afterward, soak up any excess water via a blotting motion with a dry rag. Now it’s time for the cleaning solution: two cups of lukewarm water, 1/2 cup of lemon juice and a teaspoon of dish soap. Mix it up and use a clean rag to blot the solution onto the carpet stain. Then “rinse” with a damp rag in a blotting motion. Repeat. 

To dry, use a clean rag to soak up the excess moisture in a blotting motion. 

5 – Remove lipstick stains

Now let’s talk about removing lipstick stains. Your basic vinegar and dish soap solution comes to the rescue once again. In two cups of water, add a tablespoon of liquid dish soap and a tablespoon of white vinegar. Add the solution to a spray bottle and shake it up. But don’t spritz the area just yet. 

Three colors of lipsticks

First of all, you’ll want to scrape up any chunks of lipstick that are still clinging to the furniture surface. For this, use a spoon or the dull edge of a knife — be careful! 

Next, spritz the solution onto the surface. Walk away for about ten minutes then return to the stain to blot it out with a clean rag. Use a fresh, damp rag to “rinse” the area by a blotting motion. Now use a dry rag to “blot dry” the affected area. Feel free to repeat the process as necessary.

If all else fails, call in the professionals

Here’s something you should keep in mind. If all else fails, you can rest in knowing you tried your best. Don’t be afraid to call in the professionals who may know how to better assess your stains and surface combination for optimum stain removal power.

Toying around with the idea of purchasing new furniture pieces? Maybe you’re finding that giving your mobile home new furniture is the way to go, regardless of whether the stains come off or not. And that’s just fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. See nine furniture pieces that will make your mobile home feel glamorous.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

September 18, 2019