5 Beautiful Thanksgiving Tables + Tips On How To Get The Look

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With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it’s time to think about that table setting! It’s time to whip out your favorite recipes and begin planning out the menu. But don’t forget, it’s not the steak (or turkey, ahem,) it’s the sizzle.

What we’re trying to say is that the presentation is a big part of the feast. So while you’re whittling down your invitation list and plotting out the day, it’s good to pause and consider your Thanksgiving table.

Feature image for "5 Beautiful Thanksgiving Tables + Tips On How To Get The Look"

How can you make it your own? How can you give it that special flair? We’re all a little different with our special preferences. There are a million different ways you can own the Thanksgiving look that’s unique to your home.

We’ll get you started with some unique table setting ideas. We’re going to give you five Thanksgiving tables to look at and find inspiration from. 

Are you ready? We are!

5 Beautiful Thanksgiving tables and tips on how to get the look

From napkin rings to centerpieces, here’s everything you need to know to replicate these five beautiful Thanksgiving tables. Let’s get started.

1 – The fresh Thanksgiving table

For the fresh Thanksgiving table, you’re taking the meal outside.

It’s an elegant outdoor picnic, in a sense. With short and tall ornate candlesticks of a light color to contrast the picnic table, things are looking great. Linen napkins of a similar color to the candles are a nice effect to bring elegance to the outdoor table. Additionally, you can use mason jars for drinking glasses. Ceramic plates are a must in keeping with the fancy affair. 

However, if you’re keen on keeping cleanup simple, you can acquire some ornate disposable dishware. 

Should you think the large bouquet centerpiece is a bit too much, you can scale down to a centerpiece design that isn’t so high. 

2 – A table with dramatic flair

Who says you can’t bring a sense of dramatic flair to the Thanksgiving table? It’s OK to bring the dramatic if you’re talking about style. 

There’s nothing like a majestic purpose table runner and candles to set a moody scene. Purple paired with dark colors such as black candlestands and silver or gold-colored silverware is perfect. You can change the idea up a bit by bringing in a large bouquet of white roses in a black vase. Add some name placeholders to play up the fancy affair.

We know, purple isn’t a color that comes to mind when someone says Thanksgiving. But it works, doesn’t it?

3 – Light harvest theme

This airy harvest theme brings a light style to the scene. We love the round, grey table with white chairs. The orange pumpkins and green plant sit well on such a canvas. 

There’s no table cloth but a makeshift table runner with a stripe pattern fits well here. Underneath each plate is a round placemat — it brings a different texture and layer to the table that we just love. 

For those who love an extra pop of color, the table runner could go for a rich dark teal. 

Did anyone notice the decorative wire turkey? We did. And it sure is cute!

4 – A coastal Thanksgiving

Here’s a fun table setting — bright blue is in style at this home! We love how this homeowner incorporated an array of tiny pumpkins. 

In the lantern (the centerpiece) you’ll see a stack of pumpkins. While orange pumpkins are in the mix, it’s clear that some are painted bright blue, white, and light blue. And look at the pine cones! How fun! If you’re a coastal home celebrating Thanksgiving, this could be the look you want.

5 – Rustic Thanksgiving

For the more rustic flair, don’t worry. You can keep a sense of class through it all. This wooden table paired well with a burlap runner and wine glasses. 

The silverware alternates in bronze and gold colors every other seat. And what about those wine bottles? Sure, they serve a practical purpose, but they also contribute to the look. Linen napkins in soft colors with wooden rings give off a nice comfy vibe.

Mix and match, give it your own spin

As you prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, note that now is the time to start thinking of ideas and fussing with centerpiece options. Mix and match some of the ideas above or come up with your own based on nature or other inspiration you may come across. It’s your mobile home and your dinner table. Let it reflect your family’s personality.

For unique color ideas to bring to the table (no pun intended), check out these seven unique colors!

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Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

November 13, 2019