How To Improve Mobile Home Curb Appeal During The Cold Months

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How many times have you driven up to your mobile home in the late winter months and felt dissatisfied with its curb appeal? Winter is a pleasant, cozy time of year, but when the dark and dreary days drag out over weeks and months it can get a little discouraging. It’s difficult to keep up appearances when the weather is dull and melting snow is ruining your lawn’s good looks!

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It’s time to fix this. Your mobile home doesn’t need to look drab through the cold months. Rather, it should look warm, tidy, and inviting. Today we have some great tips and tricks for keeping your home looking beautiful this winter. 

Clean up

When snow melts away and reveals the ground underneath, nothing can ruin your curb appeal quite as well as garbage can. Before the first big snow, be sure to go outside and pick up every bit of trash that has made its way into your yard. Even the smallest pieces. You’ll thank yourself later!

Get rid of all dry leaves, because soggy brown leaves are not pretty, either. Make sure you especially pay attention to your driveway. Clear your driveway of leaves, and you’ll have a nice clean driveway all winter. You may even want to get your driveway sealed before the cold really sets in.

Spruce up 

Using spruce branches, wreaths, and trees may seem uniquely Christmasy. But the truth is, spruce decor can make your mobile home exterior vibrant all winter long. It’s not just for Christmas time.

How do I decorate with spruce, you ask? The sky’s the limit. When you go to the farm to get your Christmas tree this year, buy a couple of small trees too. Pop them in baskets or planters and put them next to your steps for instant curb appeal. For a slightly bigger investment, you can plant evergreen bushes that will stay green all year round. 

Green red and orange wreath

Or, if you’re not a fan of gardening, frame your door with a trendy spruce garland or put evergreen branches in your window boxes. Wrap garlands with ribbon and lights. Or just leave them plain for a minimalist look. And don’t forget that wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. Hang one on your door for traditional vibes or try something new. We love the idea of hanging jumbo wreaths between your windows or putting a smaller one on each window. 

Paint your door 

Giving parts of your home a fresh coat of paint before winter can improve your curb appeal by a long shot. And not just in winter, but all year! Paint your door a color that will coordinate well with your winter decor, not just with your home overall. If you don’t like it as a summer look, you can always repaint it.

Bonus points if you’re able to update your home’s trim this year too! Freshly painted trim can make a bold statement and update the look of your mobile home like nothing else. And if you would rather tackle only a small project this year? Paint your mailbox in a fresh, vibrant color and decorate it to add just a touch of pizzazz to your mobile home curb appeal. 

Go wild with berries

Nothing like a pop of red added to your exterior decor to brighten up the winter months. Sure, you can fill your wreaths and garlands with berries, but also consider planting berry bushes. Wintergreen and winterberry are two great options. But planting other attractive berry plants, even if they aren’t red, can be a great way to make your mobile home yard look alive and thriving even on the dreariest of winter days.

Create a homey look with lights

Displaying string lights is a contested issue: some people love them, some people think they look dated. However, if string lights are done right, they can add so much warmth to your home during the winter. If you’re worried about your string lights looking dated, take them off your house and wrap your trees and bushes instead. 

Christmas lights in spruce tree

What’s even more on-trend right now? Bulb lights and lanterns. Line your steps with lanterns and string bulb lights all over your porch. You can’t go wrong with either! 

Also, be sure your outdoor sconce lighting is in tip-top shape so guests can find their way to and from their cars on dark nights.

Keep your home looking sharp all winter

We hope you’re no longer discouraged about the coming winter now that you have some great tricks to keep your mobile home looking amazing. There’s hope. Don’t settle for anything less than beautiful when it comes to mobile home curb appeal. Even in winter! 

Want to improve your curb appeal even more, plus keep your mobile home toasty all winter long? Then insulated mobile home skirting is a great investment for you.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

December 1, 2020