7 Mobile Home Hacks For The Avid 21st Century Reader

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Mobile home owners often desire ways to make life more comfortable and convenient. Many mobile home owners live in a small space. But whether you live in a single wide, double wide, or triple wide, you’ll appreciate these 7 hacks.

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In the life of the avid 21st century reader, mobile home hacks range from trendy-looking ottomans to apps that make life a little more organized. Whether these hacks are traditional or new (thanks to new technology), we trust you’ll be helped in your efforts for a more comfortable and convenient home. 

There’s no need to feel cramped or discombobulated in your mobile home. Let us shine some light in your path toward a more pleasant home environment. 

7 Mobile home hacks for the avid 21st century reader

Hacking your way through life in a mobile home is a beautiful endeavor. You’ll love seeing how these hacks make life better than ever before. Are you ready? We are!

1 – Beds with storage underneath

First of all, let’s talk about space-saving in the bedroom. This is a real gamechanger whether it’s in your kid’s room, guest room, or master bedroom. 

There’s much to be said about beds with storage underneath. The underside of the bed is often met with empty space. Or it can be a place where items go to be forgotten. But if you have a bed frame that includes storage drawers underneath, you’ll have a useful place for linens, clothes, or toys. 

Some bed frames will even include bookshelves in the headboard area. It’s a great space saver that also brings an added sense of style into any room. What’s not to love? 

2 – Futon couch

For your mobile home, a futon couch may be in order. You can find all sorts of modern futons available on the market. A futon serves a dual purpose. It’s a couch that can convert to a bed. This is great if you have to be at the ready for any guests who may stay the night. It’s modern and versatile.

3 – Ottomans

To stow away those DVDs or toddler toys, an ottoman will serve as an adequate storage place. In a flash, you can have your living room looking clean and sleek, now that you have a place to put those extra items away. 

And there’s another perk to an ottoman — it’s not just storage. It’s another place to sit or to prop your feet up. Be organized in style with an ottoman. 

4 – Family calendar 

Are you trying to maintain a family with older kids in the picture? Both the adults and kids have appointments and schedules that are unique to each family member. As a parent, it helps you and them to know what’s on the horizon. Get your schedules in sync so you can plan a family date without conflict. Or so you can be reminded that Timmy has an upcoming job interview for you to wish him well on. 

Such a family calendar can be an old fashioned refrigerator calendar. But we suggest making your calendar a little more in-sync and accessible while you’re on the go. Use an app like Google Calendar and create a shared calendar for the family. If your kids have their own smartphones, this is a winning solution.  

5 – Smart doorbells

Get your hands on some 21st-century technology — say hello to the smart doorbell. The smart doorbells on the market sync with your smartphone. That way you can see who’s knocking on your front door, even when you’re away from home. These doorbells even allow you to communicate via a built-in speakerphone. That’s right. All that can be done remotely thanks to smart technology. 

6 – Over the door ironing board holder

Want to maximize space without drilling a hole in your wall? Consider picking up an over the door, hanging ironing board holder. This contraption latches on over the door — like your closet door, for instance. It holds your ironing board in place, granting you easy and out of the way storage. 

7 – A cleaning schedule

Washing a fork

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, cleaning can fall by the wayside. These days everyone has a busy schedule. Find ways to ease the burden of housekeeping. For example, a ten to fifteen-minute cleaning spree at the end of each day will get those magazines back in their places and deposit those empty coffee mugs neatly by the sink. 

Additionally, get into the habit of cleaning as you go. Making dinner? In between boiling water, for example, go ahead and wash the other pans you dirtied. Or empty the dishwasher while you wait for the oven to heat up. Any work you do now is work you won’t have to do later.

Hacks can help you win

Hacking your way through life can help you win at housekeeping and at the day-to-day organization that’s required for healthy living. And if want to learn more about healthy living, check out these two common health problems in mobile homes and solutions for 2020.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

July 28, 2020