What People Are Saying

“We needed to sell my elderly dad’s mobile home and living out-of-state, wanted to get it handled as quickly as possible. I got on the internet and found EZ Homes. Within minutes I was in communication with Dan Paton, owner. In a matter of 2-3 days, we had arranged for the sale—Dan and his team handled everything from dealing with the park, clearing the lien, and ensuring the property taxes were paid for the year. It’s truly a one-stop-shop and everything is handled. Thus is a very trustworthy organization.”

– Diane Reynolds

“Amazing experience if only everything was this easy
And everyone was this nice.” – John Wyck

My mother in law had passed away. We were needing to sell her mobile home quickly. I contacted this company. They responded very quickly and someone came in a timely manner to look at the home. An offer was made and we accepted. The whole process was very easy and quick. They answered all questions we had and maintained contact with us. I would recommend them to anyone needing to sell that doesn’t have time to keep their home on the market for months.” – Angel Bruce

EZ Homes is definitely the eziest company to work with. They have a great selection of homes and outstanding customer service. Even better prices! I recommend them to everyone!

– Coby Yudkowsky


I am so glad that a flyer came through the mail and I heard about EZ Homes. We sold our home through them and it was quick and simple. Our home sat in a mobile home park and I can’t imagine what they would have offered us or how long it would have taken to sell through them. We are now in a much larger traditional stick built home and it’s all thatnks to EZ Homes! Thanks guys!

– Paula


Great service. I was under a time constraint and EZ Homes worked with me every step of the way. I highly recommend them .

– Trish


Selling our home was frustrating and stressful until my wife contacted Dan Paton from EZ Homes, LLC. Selling our home was effortless with EZ Homes. Dan asked us questions and we answered honestly and we went from there. We couldn’t ask for a more professional and kind person to work with(Thanks Dan)!. He helped us all the way around. I would recommend him and his company to anyone!!!!!

– JoDee Parks


I needed to sell my Mothers home QUICKLY after she passed and after trying to make a deal with the mobile home park where it was located only to get the run around for 3 months, I contacted EZ Homes and told her about the home, sent her pictures, told her my price and within a couple of days a nice gentleman showed up to the door and after looking at everything, handed me an envelope with exactly the amount of CASH I was asking for the home. They even sent me a picture of my Mothers house at its new park once it was all moved. Thank You for everything EZ Homes!

– Brandi


Great experience. They listened to our needs and responding with a deal I could accept. Very responsive to my questions.

– Samuel