How To Price A Mobile Home For Sale | What’s Most Important To You?

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It’s time to think about moving. And for some, that may mean it’s time to sell their mobile home. As the potential of a move becomes more and more pressing, one question among many plagues your mind. You’re wondering how on earth pricing should work. And you want to know how to price your mobile home for sale.

The memories you made in your home were great while they lasted, we’re sure. However, it’s time for a change of scenery or a new work environment elsewhere. Whatever the case may be, here you are — trying to sell your mobile home. And you’re also trying to price it right.

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There’s much to be said on how to price a mobile home for sale. It should be noted that pricing will be contingent on various factors such as age, condition, and quality, to name a few.

Your personal priorities also factor in when it comes to how to price a mobile home. 

How to price a mobile home for sale

To approach this question of pricing, we want you to consider what’s most important to you. 

Answering the question of how to price a mobile home for sale requires that we establish your priorities. So read on and see what’s important to you. 

Are you looking for a quick sale?

If you’re under the gun and in dire need of a quick sale, this could bend your arm toward selling at a much lower price. There are some considerations you can take into account to make the lower pricing more palatable. 

For example, you could sell as-is — no need to put much work into sprucing it up on the inside if you’re selling to those in the business of flipping mobile homes. They may be your best target customer. They can see the potential, and you won’t have to find yourself bogged down with improvements that increase appeal.

Money toward a new home?

On the other hand, your priority may be using the proceeds from this home to help finance you next home. And in this case you’ll want to price accordingly. 

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Of course, your mobile home can only be priced according to its value. So consider ways to increase its value and appeal to a new buyer. By doing so, you’ll be able to sell it at a price that will put good money toward your new place. 

In other words, make it worth what you’re asking.


Selling so you can move for a new job?

Are you selling so you can move for a new job? If this situation sounds like you, where do you sit? Do you have funds available to support two homes at once — moving into the next home while your old one is still on the market? If so, then you can take your time to improve and spruce up the mobile home for sale. Importantly, you can also afford to wait for the best offer.

But if you’re in a hurry, then we suggest paying attention to the basics — such as giving the home a fresh coat of paint and pressure washing the exterior. Then price it below the market price. 

Additional pricing thoughts to consider

Aside from your priorities, there are other factors to consider as you figure out how to price a mobile home. First of all, consider your location. A mobile home that comes with land in a high-end area will be of more value than a mobile home that comes with a lot in a dingy area. 

Additionally, your mobile home’s condition will place a key role in its resale value. 

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If you’re selling a double-wide, you will see that it carries more value than a single wide. 

To help with pricing, you can consult a professional appraiser or for help.

See what the market will bear

For pricing, every locality is different. Check out newspapers and online advertisements for mobile homes with comparable conditions and locations to yours. See what the going price looks like and use that as a guide. If you’re in a pinch to sell quickly, then price your home below that price bracket. On the other hand, if your home has improvements that would make it more valuable than the going rate, increase your price (but decide in your own mind how low you’d be willing to go when lower offers arise). 

Now you know how to price a mobile home for sale.

Learn more about selling a mobile home

To learn more about selling mobile homes, see what we have to say about selling a double-wide mobile home. Selling a double-wide mobile home comes with its own set of challenges. We’ll be glad to provide some guidance on how to tackle that journey toward a sale. Why try to figure it out alone when you can hear from others who’ve walked a similar road? We’re all about leveraging resources here, and we hope you find a helpful resource in EZ Homes.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

July 7, 2020