4 Tips To Choose The Perfect Mobile Home Exterior Paint Color

An attractive mobile home with good curb appeal is something a lot of people don’t think exists. But that’s not true! By picking the right paint color for your exterior, you can create a mobile home that is welcoming and beautiful. 

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Today we’re talking all things exterior paint colors. If you’re getting ready to paint, you probably have a lot of questions. How do I decide on the perfect paint color? What if I don’t like it afterward? I’m selling – what colors are most attractive to buyers? We’re answering all that and more in today’s post. 

#1 Determine why you’re painting

Are you painting because you’re tired of your manufactured home’s boring, typical color? Or are you getting ready to put your mobile home on the market? These are crucial questions because they’ll dictate which options are best for you.

For instance, if you’re intending to make the home attractive to buyers, you’ll want to pick a color that’s a classic. Something that everyone thinks is beautiful. Keep in mind that light shades are always best in this instance. Clean white, off-white, and gray are the most popular colors. Want something a little less standard? Then go with a light shade of cypress green, dusky blue, or toupe.

Treating yourself to a spruced-up home

But maybe you’re doing this for yourself. Maybe you intend to spend many more years enjoying your mobile home, and its current color isn’t your vibe. 

In this case, your options are literally endless. Some people will tell you, “Don’t paint your home a dark color! It’ll make it look smaller.” Should you listen to them? Probably. But, on the flip side, it’s a mobile home. It’s inherently small! So if you want to paint your home a stunning black or navy blue, we won’t judge. However, if you have metal siding, steer clear of those colors that are really dark. They’ll lock in the heat in the summertime, and we all know that’s no picnic. 

One more tip: we know painting your skirting a contrasting shade is a trend. Don’t do it. Not only will it make your home look choppy, but it’ll ruin the sleek, modern effect.

Contrast colors palette

#2 Pick a color that complements your style

One of the best ways to determine the perfect paint color for your exterior is to look at your interior. What themes appear in your home’s indoor decorating style? Does your style lean toward farmhouse, mid-century modern, or something else? Picking a light toupe color when your interior style is all things bright colors and gold accents might be the wrong move.

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Even if you’re painting your home to sell, if a potential buyer walks in and gets a different feel from the inside than she got from the outside, it will throw her for a loop. She’ll start calculating how much money it’ll cost to repaint so both the inside and outside will flow seamlessly together. And every buyer’s dream is a move-in ready home, right? Buyers don’t want to paint right after they move in.

Give buyers (or guests and neighbors) a taste of your unique style right off the bat. If you’re a rustic farmhouse lover, paint your home blue, white, or grey. If mid-century style is your thing, go with yellow, navy, or emerald green for a modern look. Be loyal to your style, and you can’t go wrong.

#3 Double-check before taking the plunge

None of the above tips will do you any good if they simply don’t look attractive on your mobile home. Visualizing the finished product in your head is tricky (especially if you aren’t a professional designer). One of the single best ways to check your choice is a paint visualizer. A visualizer is an online resource you can find on any major paint company website, like this one from Sherwin-Williams. A visualizer paints your house for you and gives you the ability to compare hundreds of options!

#4 Sample it

Light blue paint

After you’ve narrowed your search down to two or three options, buy an 8-ounce sample can of each. We recommend choosing two or three options so you’ll have alternatives if one doesn’t work out. Paint a small area with each of your options side by side on the south and north sides of your home. Look at both sides. Does one look better than the other? Lighting can make a drastic difference. Check the color periodically throughout the day in different lighting. 

The perfect paint

Congratulations! After you’ve completed your research and found a color you love, you’re ready to call the painters. Are you painting your aluminum siding yourself? Check out how to paint aluminum siding on a mobile home.


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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

August 18, 2022