Top Lawncare Solutions For Ragged Mobile Home Yards

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Does it ever seem like your lawn problems will never go away? Brown patches, weeds, or grass that just refuses to grow? There’s no doubt that lawn care is essential to having good curb appeal. Trying to give your mobile home a pleasing exterior without fixing the dingy lawn won’t get you far! 

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So today we’re talking about all things lawns. How to fix problem areas, how to properly mow a mobile home yard or lot, and how to get help when you need it. And, the best part is, these tips are for everyone – mobile home owners, park owners, and anyone in between. 

Growing healthy lawns

First, let’s discuss several common lawn problems and how to fix them. All of the following issues are usually recurring problems, and any one of them can be a headache to get rid of. However, if they’re diagnosed and treated properly, you’ll be well on your way to having a healthy green lawn in no time. 

Beat the dreaded brown spots

One of the worst (and most common) lawn problems is brown spots. They can ruin an otherwise perfectly healthy, beautiful yard. And the bad news? There are multiple causes. Brown spots can be the result of fungus, grubs, insects, or improper care. 

Fungus issues are common in hot and humid weather, and can be treated with fertilizer or fungicide. If your lawn has irregular circles of brown grass, it could be fungus. However, if you notice a small patch that consistently increases in size, you’re probably dealing with a grub problem, rather than fungus. This means that grubs are destroying the roots of your grass, and a tell-tale sign is spongy turf. 

To destroy grubs, you can either use a chemical treatment or simply deprive your lawn of water. Are we really telling you to stop watering your lawn in an article about healthy mobile home lawns? Yes! Grubs need lots of moisture to survive, so if you don’t water your lawn during a hot summer, that may do the trick. 

Weed it out

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Weeds are the enemies of healthy lawns. Have you ever had a lawn that was more dandelion and clover than grass? Sometimes, when it gets that bad, it seems like a hopeless case. But don’t despair! 

As always, you can opt for standard chemical weed killers, but there are a lot of DIY weed killers out there as well. Vinegar, salt, boiling water, even a mixture of soap and vodka. But killing the weeds is only half the problem. Next, you’ve got to figure out how to keep them away forever. 

We suggest that, after you apply a weed-killer of your choice, you rake your entire yard and plant new grass seed. Replacing the bad with the good will ensure there is no room for those pesky weeds to come back at a later date. After this, simply water often for best results!

What to do if your grass won’t grow

Having trouble getting a full, healthy, growing lawn? It could be that you have the wrong species of grass! It’s best to ask an expert for their opinion, but sometimes the original park developer simply didn’t know what grass type was right for your climate or sun/shade ratio. If you’re a mobile home park owner and this sounds familiar, it could be a good investment to have new sod laid down.

Another problem has to do with mowing, so we’ll tackle that in the next section.

Mowing tips

Mowing can have a huge impact on the health of your lawn. Your lawn can either thrive or die as a result of mowing technique. Cutting grass too short may cause it to effectively go into shock, at which point, it won’t grow, or it will grow very slowly. Make sure you’re cutting your mobile home lawn at a healthy length. 

After mowing, leave some grass clippings to break down on the lawn and send nutrients back into the soil. But don’t leave such a large amount of clippings behind that your grass gets thatch. Thatch is when there is a layer of dead grass and debris sitting on top of the soil. 

For best results when mowing frequently during the summer, make sure your lawnmower blades are sharp enough to cut the grass without damaging it. Also, switching back and forth so that you’re mowing across the yard in different directions will help with grass health. There are many different patterns to choose from (such as diagonal, clockwise or counterclockwise, or checker-board) so switch it up every time you mow. 

Hiring a lawn care service

Green lawn mower on grass

For you mobile home owners on the go, hiring a lawn care company to keep your lawn healthy and mown may be your ticket to great curb appeal. 

Or, maybe you’re a mobile home investor with a couple of parks on your hands. How are you expected to remedy all of the dingy, weedy lawns in all of your parks? This is where lawn care companies can be so helpful! If you don’t have time to keep on top of things the way you’d like, don’t hesitate to hire help when you need it.

Giving lawns the attention they deserve

Mobile home lawns deserve a lot of TLC. Not only does a healthy lawn add to curb appeal, but it also provides a great place for children to play and for homeowners to host guests. Lawns are important, so make sure yours gets what it needs to stay healthy.

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Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

May 7, 2021