7 Sophisticated Furniture Pieces For A Stylish Mobile Home

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Giving your mobile home a fresh look doesn’t have to mean busting down walls or even going for a new paint job. No, you can start with furniture pieces if your paint is just right but something’s missing. 

With the right furniture pieces that share your personal vibe, your home will take on a whole new look of its own. And you’ll feel satisfied and proud of the fact that your home is just right for you in every way, especially with the furniture selection.

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For those sophisticated vibes that raise the bar in decor aesthetics, we’ve got your back.

7 sophisticated furniture pieces for a stylish mobile home

Check out our seven sophisticated furniture pieces for a stylish mobile home. Style meets comfort and practicality in the following furniture pieces. But don’t take our word for it. See and try them for yourself.

 And remember: stylish aesthetics are not just for stick built homes. Your mobile home deserves an attention to style too!

1 – Korsa oak and copper coffee table

First, on our list, we have the Korsa Oak and Copper Coffee Table. From West Elm, this coffee table boasts of a warm aesthetic with its modern sophisticated combination of stainless steel and warm wood. It has elegant round lines and carries a black burnt oak finish. There’s a stainless steel plate underneath with a waxed black finish.

2 – Upholstered square stitched platform bed

This upholstered square stitched platform bed brings a nice level of sophistication to the bedroom. With strong wood slats, it’s a sturdy support to your mattress and box frame. Meet reliability and sophistication.

 As you work out the furniture needs of your home, don’t forget to see what can be done about the bedrooms. If this platform bed doesn’t connect with you, there are other options on the market to suit each family members’ flair. 

3 – Scandanavian double door cabinet

Now check out this Scandanavian double door cabinet. Who says sophistication can’t come out of your local department store? 

With a snazzy geometric design, this contemporary bit of furniture is great for storage and aesthetics. The top can be used for a set of candles and family photos or a floral arrangement. There are cord management cutouts in the back — perfect for those who prefer to use this piece for their media related needs.

4 – Drop leaf bamboo table

The drop leaf bamboo table from Ikea is something we can’t ignore. With the table top made of bamboo, it brings a nice minimalist vibe to any nook in need of a small table. If you have a small home, this table would be a perfect fit with its small size! Additionally, the table is moisture and scratch-resistant. It can seat two to four people. 

 And it’s also easy to clean! 

 Who doesn’t like flexibility and durability in a table? You can drop the two leaves when you don’t need them or pop them up when you have company. 

5 – Wood TV stand and storage console

Say hello to this wood TV stand and storage console. You’ll love the shelving space for your collection of books and DVDs.

6 – Vintage tufted sleeper sofa

For the living room, this vintage tufted sleeper sofa comes in multiple colors. Choose what works best for your home’s style. 

Elegant, victorian, vintage are some of the words that come to mind with this sleeper sofa bed. We love that it can be adjusted to three different positions: sitting, lounging, and sleeping. The plushness is the perfect luxury for sitting or sleeping. For your living room space, you can’t go wrong with this sophisticated and durable sofa. 

7 – Outdoor storage bench

Now this looks like a sophisticated bit of storage and furniture all rolled up into one bench. The outdoor storage bench carries itself well and it adds aesthetic addition to any mobile home’s exterior while providing a place to store things away that would otherwise be an eyesore.

Sophistication doesn’t need to sacrifice practicality

In sprucing up your mobile home with sophisticated furniture, you don’t have to sacrifice practicality or durability. Give your mobile home the furniture upgrades it deserves. 

 For more furniture inspiration, check out 7 classic furniture ideas for your mobile home. If you prefer a more classic vibe, you’ll love what we have to share. It’s your home. Make it your own by seeking out the furniture that serves you best in every way. 

Happy shopping! 

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

August 14, 2019