Unique Fabrics & Textures To Incorporate In Your Mobile Home Decorating

Pile of folded fabrics

The advent of spring makes this a great time to freshen up your mobile home’s look. Feeling inspired to switch things up a bit around the house? Then, get ready to follow along while we explore unique fabrics and textures to incorporate in your mobile home decorating.

Pile of folded fabrics

Add freshness

When it’s time to brighten your mobile home with a new look, shiplap is one option that’s been growing in popularity. If you love shiplap, exactly where to put it in your home might be the next question. Turn to Better Homes & Gardens’ 13 Shiplap Walls That Gave Us Major Home Goals for inspiration. Then the question becomes: Vertical? Or horizontal?

Plants can add texture in their own way, too, whether it’s a sprawling, green creeper like ivy or a fuzzy African violet. Check out House Beautiful’s 18 Strange, But Also Beautiful, Houseplants You Never Knew Existed for more inspiration.

Add vintage or exotic

If you want to add a bit of a vintage texture to your mobile home, how about trying tin for a ceiling? Actually, you can also create a tin backsplash. And tin can also come to the rescue for a wall re-do—like what you see in Remodelaholic’s DIY Corrugated Tin Wall Tutorial. (Note: of course, you should always be sure that your mobile home is structurally up for changes like these). Additionally, hanging a wall tapestry could introduce a historic or exotic look to your mobile home.

Add fun & whimsy

For a touch of cuteness, head for pompom pillows in a color that complements your existing decor (like these perhaps). Or, you can snag a shag rug to add something new and delightful to a living room, bedroom, or den.

Macrame and other knotted yarn

Then, there’s also macrame—not only can you hang macrame on walls, you can also put it to use as a table runner or even a rug.

Add seasonality

For those of you who love changing your home’s look according to the seasons, here are two ideas. Use corduroy during the fall and winter—from throw pillows to blankets, or even a corduroy couch. And in the summer, try lightening things up with seersucker. You could add some seersucker pillows or chair covers.

Add class

When it comes to upping the class in your mobile home kitchen, let’s first suggest subway tile. And not just any subway tile, but white subway tile, with dark grout. Maybe this isn’t an exotic texture, but if we count gleaming & smooth as desirable appearance and texture elements, then you’ve got it made! It doesn’t have to be quite as stark as #2 in these kitchens curated by The Spruce, but you could still create something lovely with the contrast between the white tile and darker grout. Or just harness the simplicity of white subway tile with white grout.

Another option is to take the walls to a new level with wainscoting. Of course, it could be white—just like the fresh whiteness you recently added with your kitchen subway tile. But it could also be gray or other colors. Check out the lovely gray/green wainscoting in Realtor.com’s What Is Wainscoting? Nailing Down This Timeless Design Trend.  

Last but not least

Need a home decor item that’s completely outside-the-box? How about a scarf for your mantel or dresser? But not just any scarf—far from it. We’re talking about a spider silk scarf.

A tasteful take on unique fabrics and textures

Keep in mind that when bringing some unique fabrics and textures, you don’t have to overdo it to do it well. Thus, don’t use all these ideas at once. Determine what will complement the style you already have, and choose your creative fabrics and textures wisely.

Pile of fabrics

Remember the outside, too

Of course, taking the inside of your mobile home to a new level might be just one side of the coin. There’s also the flip side—or rather, the outside—to think about, too. And, if you’ve been following along on the blog here, you know we’ve actually been talking about the exterior of your mobile home—from landscape to hardscape to your front porch and outdoor living area.

Why not start with our 10 Types Of Gardens That Will Update Your Mobile Home Exterior and follow it up with 23 Mobile Home Landscaping Mistakes & How To Fix Them? Then, head to Mobile Home Curb Appeal For Spring | 7 Tips You Can Implement Now. Plus, get thinking about your hardscape with Mobile Home Hardscaping | How To Get Started + Design Ideas. And, for those of you who are operating without a ton of space to spare, there’s also our 19 Space Saving Garden Designs | Enjoy Nature In Your Mobile Home   

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

April 17, 2019