Accessories For A Bohemian Mobile Home Interior

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The bohemian style has been dominating the interior design scene for the last few years. Defined by its focus on a relaxed aesthetic, lots of visual interest, and layers of color and pattern, it’s definitely easy to see the draw. Happily, it is a style that is not hard to customize. And most of us can find some picture of a bohemian interior that we can easily imagine ourselves into.

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Looking to give it a try? In this article we’ll talk about some accessories you can use to infuse your space with that dreamy boho vibe. 

Use rugs from different countries

The bohemian design aesthetic tends to pull in pieces from many different cultures. Bringing in rugs from around the world is a simple and straightforward way to accomplish the multicultural look in any space. Whether you prefer Turkish rugs, Persian, Morrocan, or something else entirely, it’s hard to go wrong with dark, rich colors and layers upon layers.

Choose bold wall art

If you really want to give your space that multicultural feel, try to incorporate bold artwork. Choose pieces that look like you picked them up during your incredible travels around the world. Even if you’ve never travelled further than the state border, there’s no reason anyone has to know that. Check your local antique shops, flea markets, and online yardsale groups. You’ll be surprised at the things people are trying to get rid of.

Buying up authentic artwork from other countries can get expensive, even if you’re fortunate enough to find them secondhand. Don’t be afraid to mix authentic and faux! Try to find pieces that still look bold and unique, but won’t break your budget. Mix these with your authentic finds.

In addition to paintings and other more traditional wall art, you might enjoy adding some more unique pieces to your display. The natural fibers that woven and macrame wall hangings are made from can bring some really beautiful textures into any space. We also love the idea of hanging a vintage rug on the wall for added vibrancy and interest. 

Include lots of plants

Plants indoors

If there aren’t any plants, is it even boho? While that might not actually be true, it certainly feels like plants are one of the biggest design features we see in the bohemian interior design world. Botanicals are a beautiful and inexpensive way to create visual interest, depth, and that relaxed vibe. As an added bonus, they purify the air, bringing an element of environmental awareness to your indoor space. 

Planters are fun to pick out, and easy to change up as the mood strikes. Check with local artisans to see what they have available and support your community. Or, if you have the time and know-how, you could always make some.

Add lights and lanterns for ambience

We’re sure you’ve seen the images: cozy throw pillows, luxurious rugs, and strings of twinkle lights, all creating an air of casual leisure. While you probably don’t want string lights as your only light source, keeping a set hung makes a great alternative to lamplight when you are looking for that boho ambience.

There are so many different ways to hang string lights, making it easy to customize the concept to fit your space. And if you need to create the look on the cheap, white Christmas lights are easy to find inexpensively.

Lanterns are another great way to bring in that multicultural look. If you don’t have pets or children, try grouping morrocon-style lanterns of different sizes on your floor for instant boho vibes.

Don’t be afraid of layers and patterns

Opulent layers and bold patterns are two key elements in bohemian design. Combine these for extra luxury. Lots of throw pillows in strong, Turkish fabrics. Thick, soft blankets for comfort and leisure. Layered rugs in similar colors. Morrocan poufs for additional seating. It’s all in the accessories, and it’s easy to see why people are so drawn to this vibrant, luxurious style.

Moroccon wall art

Incorporate accessories that fit your style

Beginning your design with a neutral base gives you the ability to take your bohemian interior any direction you want. The accessories you decide to use will really determine the end result. Most of all, a bohemian space should be a fun place to just be, no matter what you are doing. It should be a space that you can relax and dream in, as well as host and be productive in. And of course, it should be a reflection of your own tastes. 

Sometimes, our tastes are too eclectic to fit into one specific design style. Bohemian is a great starting point for an eclectic space. If you want to add some extra modern elements to your boho room, take a look at these DIY ideas for industrializing your furniture.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

August 20, 2019