Mindblowing! See How These New Buyers Landed Amazing Deals

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You find yourself in that in-between place of wanting to invest in mobile homes but holding back because…

The word “because” in that sentence could bridge you to your hangups when it comes to mobile home investing. Perhaps that “because” carries you to a place of concern for whether or not mobile home investing is all we’ve made it out to be.

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If you’re sitting on the fence but still keenly reading up on mobile home investing, this article is for you. If you’re diving into mobile home investing but need a little encouragement, this article is for you too!

And remember, we’ve never ever promised that mobile home investing would be an easy road. Hard work is an ingredient in success. But so is smart work — we trust that here at EZ Homes, you’ll find the resources to work smarter rather than harder

See how these new buyers landed deals

Today we’re going to find inspiration in mindblowing stories about others who’ve gone before you. Yes, you’re not the only one who’s stood at the edge of the exciting new adventure that is mobile home investing. Others have gone before you and taken the plunge. We’re sharing some stories of other new-to-mobile-home-investing folks just like you. These are folks who pressed forward and were rewarded with amazing deals.

Are you ready to see how these new buyers landed great deals? Remember, these stories aren’t just dreamed up. They’re dreams realized. Rodney, Dan, and Jeff are real people. They’re real people sharing their real success stories. 

$1,750 in seven weeks

Rodney Moody landed his first deal and walked away with $1,750. Mobile home investing was an idea he stumbled upon. He came across EZ Homes University on YouTube during his research on real estate property. While mobile home investing wasn’t on his radar, EZ Homes introduced Moody to a whole new world of opportunity. 

Moody talked it over with his wife, and they were both intrigued by the integrity of EZ Homes University. It was something that caught their interest. The mentorship and tools available to them seemed like a sure recipe for success. So with all the tools in place, thanks to the EZ University program, Moody and his wife put the program to the test. 

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“Here we are closing our first deal. We’re very happy,” said Moody.

$6,000 in under 30 days

Meet Dan. While Dan has some experience with real estate investing under his belt, mobile home investing was something new to him. He ended up partnering with Dan Leighton at EZ Homes University, finding a mobile home that needed some work, restoring it, and placing it on the market.

According to Dan, it sold quickly. And he ended up netting $6,000. Despite the paperwork issues with the title, the process went smoothly, thanks to the EZ Homes University program. While it was a first-time snag for Dan, EZ Homes was no stranger to working through the ins and outs of mobile home investing. 

$4,000 in under 30 days

Thanks to coaching, Jeff Heck snagged over $4,000 in under 30 days. 

Heck described himself as “new to the industry.” With the help of mentoring that’s “been there, done that,” Heck was able to garner wisdom from others with more experience. After going back and forth with the potential mobile home seller and his mentor, Heck realized he might have a good opportunity on his hands. From the initial contact with the mobile home seller to the closing of the property, Heck calculated five days. The profit on that mobile home was $4,200. 

See the world with optimism

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If you find the entrepreneur spirit brewing in your life, remember optimism is part of the game. To win, entrepreneurs see the world with optimism. Possibilities are everywhere. 

Gather some much-needed pep talks and inspiration by hearing out the stories of other mobile home investors. From the new kids on the block with initial success stories to the seasoned veterans who share their own stories and secrets, you’ll find yourself propelled forward with optimism and action steps.

Study for success

If you’re looking to invest in mobile homes for the first time, it’s an exciting journey, and we wish you the best. Learn all you can as you prepare to start investing. And even after you’ve bought or sold your first few homes, don’t forget to keep learning as you go. You can always discover something new.

For more inspiration pertaining to mobile home investing, visit our roundup of top mobile home investing podcasts. Give them a listen and infuse your mind with knowledge to empower you for success.


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Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

March 2, 2021