Statement Backsplashes: Perfect For Your Mobile Home Kitchen

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A backsplash can make or break the look you’ve chosen for your kitchen. It can be plain and dull or it can be adventurous and out-there. You want your backsplash to match with the style of your kitchen and reflect the inner vision you have for your mobile home. So, chances are a plain backsplash isn’t an option for you. Instead, you’re looking for something that will complete the look in your kitchen. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find something that works for you here in our list of ideas. 

Featured image for "Statement Backsplashes: Perfect For Your Mobile Home Kitchen"

Statement backsplashes: different colors, patterns, and textures

In your search for the perfect statement backsplash, there are a few different things you can look for. You might be content with a brightly-colored backsplash that will act like an accent wall for your home, or you might be looking for more than that. With or without an accent-wall type of color, you’ll also have the option to choose from hundreds of different textures or patterns. This backsplash is a good example of all three of those elements – a statement color, a unique texture, and an interesting patttern.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some different options in colors, textures, and patterns that you’ll have to choose from during your search. 

Statement backsplashes in bright colors

Many homeowners appreciate something bright and colorful in their home, something that stands out. In the middle of all the normalcy, you need something sunshiny that will elevate your mood every time you look at it. Speaking of sunshiny, the backsplash you see below is a great way to brighten up the mood in your kitchen.

If yellow is a little too bright for you, you can go for something darker that still stands out, like the coastal-themed backsplash below.

Finally, this backsplash in turquoise is gorgeous and unique, adding something to this otherwise fairly ordinary room.

Some different textures to try out

There are so many different ways you can experiment with backsplash textures. For example, in a modern kitchen with a sleek design, an upscale marble backsplash is a great option. Plain tile is usually a better option for a vintage-themed kitchen. Although black, white, or certain colors that go with a vintage theme (like lime green) are great choices, too. If you’re going for a more creative, off-the-wall look, then you might choose a less mainstream color or texture, as in the golden brown kitchen seen here.

Marble backsplashes

Certain types of kitchens are suitable for something graceful and elegant. White marble is a popular choice for these types of kitchens, as you can see in the fresh, white space below.

While slightly less common, black marble backsplashes are also a popular option for many homeowners. In fact, depending on your personal taste, you may prefer black marble over white. It adds a depth and personality to a kitchen that wouldn’t be there otherwise. Additionally, they’re a great way to make your backsplash stand out without incorporating bright colors. 

But if you prefer a middle ground between black and white marble, you’ll you have options there as well.

Vintage backsplash

Finally, if you’re going for an antique or vintage look in your home, keep in mind that your backsplash is an important part of this style. Tile is usually a good option for vintage backsplashes, but some types of mosaics are also good choices. This tile backsplash is unique and definitely gives off a vintage vibe.

Backsplashes and different patterns

Of course, beyond textures and colors, there are plenty of different patterns you can choose for your backsplash as well. Floral patterns are common, but there are endless choices, depending on how unique you’re willing to go. Some people even create backsplashes out of bottle caps, pennies, or other random items lying around the house. So, your choice regarding patterns really comes down to how unique you want to be. The funky backsplash below is a good example of an especially unique pattern: 

For something a little more mainstream, you can choose from many different types of floral patterns. Some homeowners might find this boring. However, others may find that floral patterns are ideal for the style of their kitchen. Depending on which type of homeowner you are, you’ll have to make that choice for yourself. Here’s an example of a cute floral pattern that will give you an idea of what you can look for. 

Don’t settle for less than what you love

Our final piece of advice on backsplashes is this – don’t settle for something you don’t love! If you’re installing a backsplash in your kitchen, chances are it’s going to be there for a while, meaning that it’s fairly permanent. Before you make a choice this big, make sure you’ve chosen something that fits with your mobile home style and something that you actually like. You’ll thank yourself down the road! 

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

April 1, 2020