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“Staycation.” It’s a popular phrase among introverts. Maybe you’ve seen it and smiled. But have you considered making it a reality? Through some careful design choices and fun decor pieces, you can make your mobile home a vacation…at home! 

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Today we’re going to talk about all things tropical design. Palm branches, breezy color schemes, we’ll be covering it all in today’s post!

What is tropical design?

Tropical design can be confused with “beach” themed decor. But there are major differences. For instance, although tropical design incorporates things like palm branches and flamingo pink, tropical includes more than just beach vibes. You don’t have to be living right on a beach to be in a tropical region. Therefore, tropical design includes a wider range of influences. 

Another thing that sets these two trends apart is their levels of refinement. In fact, tropical design can be compared in some ways to Hollywood glam. “Beachy” themes are often more rustic and cottage-y, perfect for someone who loves cozy spaces. Tropical design is more plush and glamorous. Although it certainly doesn’t need to be expensive or obnoxious, tropical design is the elegant, bold sister of beach design. 

There are times when rustic pieces, distressed floors, or shiplap walls can add a lot to tropical design. However, we’ll be focusing on what tropical design is famous for: glamorous effortlessness.

Color and texture that’s fit for the tropics

As in most designs that are trending, color and texture are overstated and given room to shine in tropical design. You’ll have to decide which will take center stage. Color, texture, or both? But let’s say you want texture to be the star of the show. We recommend starting with white walls, giving yourself plenty of blank canvas. Then start layering on the texture, keeping a largely neutral color palette with unexpected pops of color. 

If you prefer colored walls or bright, vibrant furniture, don’t be afraid to mix and match combinations. Pink, greens, blues, and yellows will be your go-tos. Play with the idea of adding wallpaper (preferably a palm leaf print for added texture). It’s often a staple in modern tropical design.  

Adding texture

Indoor tropical plants

When it comes to your mobile home’s tropical design, texture plays a major role (even if you decided to let color take center stage). Here are some ideas to help you add texture to your space:

  • Utilize plants everywhere. The bigger the better. Ferns, palm branches, and fiddle leaf figs are three popular options.
  • Gold accents, especially if you decide to emphasize color, will give your home a touch of glam.
  • Rattan is now your best friend. Incorporate it anywhere you can.
  • Include plush seating to add a bit of elegant texture to balance out the natural textures.
  • As always, layer rugs, pillows, and throw blankets to increase the relaxation vibes.
  • Scatter poufs, small coffee tables, and low seating across the living room for eclectic drama.



Embrace natural lighting. It’s the best way to create a breezy tropical oasis. Get rid of your heavy satin window treatments and hang some thin white drapes or blinds. And you can always simply ditch window coverings altogether. You may find that your home looks less busy and cluttered – exactly what you’re looking for in this instance. 

Tropical accent pieces: the do’s and don’ts

For your own sake and the sake of others, don’t buy those pink plastic flamingos and set them up in your yard. There are other ways to bring tropical design to life. Stick to your budget, but remember that a few high-quality accent pieces are better than cheap clutter. 

Be tasteful in your choices. Instead of knickknacks, buy a piece of oversized wall art depicting a parrot or (you guessed it) more palm branches. A bedspread featuring pink and green may be a better choice for a small bedroom space than wallpaper (which could overload the small area). 

Blue velvet sofa with colorful cushions

Remember to add character. It could be anything. A unique rug you found on Urban Outfitters or a brightly painted sideboard. Be creative and unexpected. Keep an eye out for exotic pieces that fit within the slightly glamorous trend of tropical design.

Staycation just became a reality

After this, you’ll never want to leave your mobile home oasis for the tropics. Okay, that’s not true. We all need a break sometimes. But by creating a relaxing tropical atmosphere in your home, maybe you’ll feel like you need a break less often. Now you’re ready to go ahead and give tropical design a try in your own home.

For more refreshing design inspiration, check out our tips for a Mediterranean retreat and learn how to create a calm and relaxing mobile home!


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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

August 21, 2020