Attention Sellers! What Is A BBB Rating And Why Should You Care?

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If you’re looking to sell your mobile home, it’s smart that you ask what a BBB rating is and why you should care about it. Perhaps you noticed the BBB logo as a sticker on a business window or an image on a website.

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We’re going to help you make informed decisions in the process of selling your mobile home. To achieve that, we will begin by giving you the rundown on what a BBB rating means. After that, we’ll look at how BBB ratings work and their benefits to those selling a mobile home.

So let’s go ahead and delve into BBB ratings, what they mean, and why they matter.

What does BBB stand for?

First of all, BBB stands for “Better Business Bureau.”

Investopedia offers a helpful explanation of what the Better Business Bureau is about:

“The BBB is a nonprofit membership organization with chapters throughout North America that, according to its website, are “focused on advancing marketplace trust.” It promotes that mission primarily through two functions: rating businesses based on their reliability and performance, and facilitating the resolution of consumer complaints. The bureau also provides consumer education and offers several programs aimed at helping businesses adopt best practices.”

Now let’s look at how the BBB ratings work.

BBB ratings: how do they work? 

The BBB is a non-profit that has been at work for over 100 years, connecting people with trustworthy businesses. (Or steering them away from untrustworthy businesses.) And as such, they encourage businesses to understand that they are — in a way — being held accountable. This, in turn, helps consumers.

The BBB will process as much information as possible to determine the ratings for a given business. Numerous factors are taken into account such as complaints filed about a company, licensing and government actions, and business practices.

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After processing all that can be known about the business, the BBB will provide a rating and report for consumers.

As you sift through their list of BBB-accredited and non-accredited businesses, the BBB can help you find a reliable business to work with. Businesses that are highly-rated by the BBB are more likely to be professional and provide you with quality service.

Why BBB ratings should matter to you

Now let’s take a look at why BBB ratings should matter to you as a mobile home seller.

Are you selling to a company that buys homes?

You’ve seen it before — companies that advertise “we buy homes.” The benefit of selling to such companies is that they know what they’re doing, and you could acheive a quick sale.

If you’re a seller and the buyer is a company, BBB ratings will help you determine if you’re dealing with a legit dealer or a scammer — a professional business or a business that leaves chaos in its wake.

Looking at BBB ratings will help you see the warning flags of a bad sales experience or the winning signs of a painless sales experience.

Is this a foolproof way of doing business? No. We encourage you to further your research by seeking out online reviews through companies’ social media pages or from directory listings online. Every bit of research helps.

Are you a company that’s buying?

On the flip side, if you’re a company that buys mobile homes, make sure you’re doing all you can to keep a positive rating with the BBB. No one’s perfect, we get it. But if you receive a complaint and there’s a delay in addressing it, it could negatively impact your rating.

Take responsibility and remember that communication is important — and for more reasons than just maintaining a high BBB rating.

Report scammers

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You might be an investor dealing with a mobile home moving company you need to vet. Or you could be a mobile home owner looking to sell to a company. Whoever you are, the BBB rating can be helpful in your journey.

If you find yourself in an unfortunate situation where you’re face to face with fraud, you can report the offending business to the BBB. Hopefully, this will help spare another person from future dealings with the bad company.

Win at being an informed seller

Now that you know what BBB ratings are and why you should care, you’ve taken some first steps toward becoming an informed seller. Understanding BBB ratings and looking for them can help you sell right.

As you learn more about selling your mobile home, here’s another point to be cautious about: inexperienced buyers. If you’re selling a mobile home that needs to be moved as soon as possible, beware of inexperienced buyers. An inexperienced buyer could slow down the sales pipeline if you’re in a hurry. Dive into our article to discover why and how.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

March 30, 2021