Cheery Mobile Home Decor That Will Last All Winter Long

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While some holiday “purists” may frown upon the idea of leaving Christmas decorations up throughout the winter — once the holidays are but a memory from the past — we think differently. 

Do the Christmas decorations need to come down the day after the holiday? Absolutely not. If you select decor pieces that are relevant weeks after the holiday has come and gone, you’re in a good place to keep the decorations up all winter long. 

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So that’s what we want to focus on today — long-lasting holiday decor. This article is going to shed some light on Christmas decor options that can stay up for weeks (or months) into the new year.

Cheery (and lasting) mobile home decor

What are you looking for in decor that will last all winter long? We’ll help you figure that out. Don’t worry, this year the decorations won’t be going up just to come back down right after Christmas. Your mobile home will carry a spritz of holiday magic well into winter. 

Keep Christmas-specific themes at a minimum

Here’s the big secret to cheery mobile home decor that will last all winter long. You ought to keep Christmas-specific themes at a minimum. This will aid in ensuring that your decor won’t look out of place or “dated” as you find yourself knee-deep in February. Instead of making it look like you were lazy about putting away Christmas decorations, your winter theme will look intentional

By keeping Christmas-specific themes at a minimum, you’ll be able to remove them easily if needed. For example, if a nativity is a must-have, keep it around then put only that away. The rest (or most) of your holiday decor should seamlessly get you through the remainder of the winter.  

In the subsequent examples, you’ll see how this can play out in other decor pieces — our favorite example is the Christmas tree. (Yes, we believe you can keep a tree well beyond Dec. 25!)

Let it snow

For a motif that will last all winter long, leverage the look of snow and ice. Creating a decorative winter wonderland experience will give your home the look you want. Snow and ice magic will carry your decor throughout the winter season and add to the Christmas look.

Winter wonderland home decor

Shine bright with white lights

And here’s our favorite tip of all — white lights! They’re a classy touch to any home and because of their neutral color, you can leave them up all winter long for a touch of whimsy. As a matter of fact, you could even leave them up all year round.

Bring a touch of nature indoors

For a touch of nature indoors, bringing in items such as pinecones and tree branches will contribute to the holiday fanfare. It’s a subtle touch yet it’s something that can deck the halls all winter long.

Take the Christmas tree ornaments off the tree

That’s right. You can leave that tree up. Just pull off the Christmas decorations and you have a lovely fir tree in your home. Consider adding a dusting of faux snow.

Light up the room with candles

Another feature that’s good for the holidays and throughout the entire winter season is candles. Candles may adorn many places around the home — the bookshelves, table centerpieces, windowsills, and more. 

Choose winter-focused wreaths and garlands

Leaves and pinecones wreath

Now let’s talk about wreaths and garlands — yes, you can keep those up throughout the winter season too. Just choose wreaths and garlands that are winter-focused in their aesthetic. For example, you may wish to stay away from flashy red bows. Stick to more neutral colors or be willing to switch out bows if those are the only features that scream “Christmas.”

When it comes to your wreaths, fir is great but don’t limit yourself to that. Magnolia leaves are making a hit with holiday decor.

Say hello to plaid and/or neutral colors

We touched on this somewhat in the previous section. Color palettes can make or break your look. Use plaid and/or neutral colors for that cozy, wintery vibe. Consider what colors you might like to see all winter long and how they may tastefully be arranged. 

Good cheer for the entire winter

Now that you have tips in hand for cheery mobile home decor that will last all winter long, you’ll be well on your way to getting the look you want. There’s no need to pull down the decorations soon after Christmas. Enjoy them all winter long if you wish!

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

December 25, 2020