Ho! Ho! Ho! 9 Merry & Bright Window Decorations For Christmas

In decorating for the holiday, we hope you’re having as much fun as us. There’s no telling what all the possibilities are when it comes to Christmas decorations. 

Christmas decor

Today we’re looking at those mobile home windows and going over some merry and bright ways to decorate them.

Your mobile home windows don’t have to look boring and drab — it’s the Christmas season, after all! Let’s see what’s cooking in the kitchen of decorating ideas. But first, go ahead and grab yourself a mug filled with hot cocoa. You won’t regret it.

9 Merry & bright windows decorations for Christmas

With hot cocoa in hand, let’s get to those merry and bright window decorations. And don’t forget to rally the kids around to join in. Decorating is a fun and rewarding activity if you have the cookies baking and the holiday music blaring. 

1 – Candles in the windows

For a classy holiday window decoration, you can’t go wrong with candles. Of course, we recommend electricity-powered candles that you can set on a timer. This not only saves electricity but it’s also efficient in your use of time. There’s no need to run around the house each evening to power your lights on. With a timer, everything is plug and play. 

It’s also a great tactic for any other decorations that require power to operate.

2 – Window swags

Another elegant option for window decorations is found in holiday-themed window swags. Add lights, pinecones, ribbon and you have a Christmas aesthetic on the outside windowsill. It’s not a bad look.

3 – Decorative snowflakes

And you know what else is great for a holiday taste? Snowflakes. We can’t help but think of the holidays when we see snow. That being said, placing decorative snowflakes at your windows bring on the winter wonderland vibes. Who doesn’t love a dazzling display of snowflakes?

4 – Christmas wreaths

Now how about the quintessential Christmas wreath? You can hang one on each window of your mobile home for a bit of holiday flair.

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But don’t lock yourself into a creative box. Expand your creativity by being inventive about your wreath design. You don’t have to go traditional if that’s not your style. Dress up each wreath the way you want.

5 – Citrus garland 

Here’s a great idea for the interior side of your kitchen windows. Hang up some citrus garland — it’s both visually and aromatically festive. What’s not to love about that? It’s a fantastic DIY project.

6 – Christmas card display

What’s a mobile home to do with the onslaught of Christmas cards that pile up around this time of year? 

Well, you can begin by leveraging their presence. Make them a part of your Christmas decor. First, hang some string across the dining room or kitchen window. Then, with some wooden clothespins, you can add cards to your string. 

It’s a fun way to display the thoughtful snail mail that was sent to you this year.

7 – Fa la la la la window banner 

For some Christmas bling and glitz, make your own letter tinsel garland. In the case of this DIYer, the lyrics “fa la la la la” were part of the garland pattern.

8 – Christmas decals

On the internet and at your local department stores, a plethora of Christmas window decals awaits your approval an admiration. From the cartoon-y to the elegant, you’ll find an option for every flavor of Christmas under the sun.

This is an easy way to deck those windows with Christmas pizzazz. 

9 – Hanging ornaments

Do you have extra tree ornaments on hand?

Christmas ornaments

You can dangle them on string at your window for stunning window display. It’s fun, festive and it can be glitzy with the right ornaments. 

A view of Christmas

By giving your windows a taste of Christmas, you’re leveraging space that otherwise would not be in use. In fact, window decorations can spruce up the overall Christmas vibe in your home, both inside and outside.

This time of year is sizzling with fun and excitement. And the anticipation of Christmas day is its own part of the festivities. Why not partake by sprucing up your mobile home? In a flash, your home will find itself in the holiday spirit with some window decorations. 

For additional decorative ideas that will impress those on the outside, check out these outdoor lighting ideas. Outdoor Christmas lights will provide light for Santa and guests on their way to your front door. So, go on and see what works for your style and mobile home.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

December 11, 2019