Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Help Santa (& Guests) Find Their Way

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If you can leverage your Christmas lights to serve both an aesthetic and practical purpose, you’ll have a winning combination on your hands. We’re all about sprucing up the yard while lighting the way.

Your lights can serve a dual purpose when you use them to light the way to your entrance. So how do you achieve that? There are multiple ways to do that. We’re going to showcase some whimsical ideas to light the way and make your yard a winter wonderland.

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So grab a hot drink and let’s get the Christmas music going. It’s time to work the magic of Santa’s elves. 

Outdoor lighting ideas to help Santa (& guests find their way)

The key to lighting up your mobile home’s yard for the holidays is having a plan. Without a plan, you’ll find yourself buying decoration on a whim. And you may find yourself with regrets. So why not get a taste of the options available to you?

Whether you go for a handful of lights or go for an all decked out effect, it’s up to you to come up with a plan for success.

But don’t worry. You don’t have to go at it alone. We have several outdoor lighting ideas to help Santa (and guests) find their way!

Candy cane way

First, on our list, we have candy cane lights. We all know candy canes are the quintessential Christmas candy. Buy yourself some larger than life candy cane lights to light the sides of your driveway up to your front door.

This is a fun way to decorate with lights. But don’t worry, we know some of you prefer a more serious taste of Christmas with your lights. We can set the candy canes aside for a moment.

Clear string lights

While these lights are not colorful, clear lights bring a classy touch to any yard. You can use them to line the entire perimeter of your front yard. And don’t forget to line the walk from the street or driveway to the porch. 

While you’re at it, order some clear lights to outline the mobile home front porch too. Some icicle lights will look good on the edge of the roof. Even if you don’t get snow where you live, your mobile home will look wintery at night with the decorative lights turned on. But that’s not the only idea we have up our sleeve.

Snowflake pathway lights

For something a little more than clear lights, try these darling snowflake pathway lights. Brighten up your pathway with these lights. As with the others listed in this article, these snowflake lights easily stake into the ground.

You’ll love the frosty vibe they contribute as they light the way.

Snowman pathway lights

Here’s a light option that provides both lights and a show: snowman pathway lights. They’re designed to showcase eight different lighting effects for a fun holiday scene. The great thing about these snowmen lights is that they’re energy-efficient — they’re made with LEDs.

Peanuts for something fun

So here’s an extra bit of fun. These pathway markers are Peanuts-themed, featuring characters from Charles Schulz’ creative mind. We all know and love the Peanuts for their Christmas special. In spite of the time that has passed since it first released to the world, the Peanuts continue to be a big part of the American Christmas tradition. 

Bring the Peanuts’ festive spirit to your yard with these pathway lights. They’ll bring smiles all around to young and old alike. 

Before you hasten to buy some lights, there’s one last idea we have for you.

Spiral tree pathway lights

For an alternative classy motif, check out these spiral Christmas tree lights. They’re stylish and perfect for bringing the holiday spirit to your yard. Line your garden beds, driveway, and pathway with these bright lights. 

These trees are festive, glowing, and durable.

What more could you want from outdoor Christmas decor?

Light up your world, tis the season!

With these outdoor lighting ideas, Santa and your guests will find their way in the dark. Just follow the lights and your guests will be ready to enjoy the party.  

These lights are whimsy, classy, fun, and contribute to the holiday scene. Santa will find your yard irresistible. 

As you prepare for the Christmas season, we believe you’ll find this handy dandy ultimate Christmas decorating checklist helpful. There’s no need to go into the season blindly. With the ultimate checklist at hand, you’ll be prepared for the guests and family fun. 

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

December 4, 2019