How To Use Wall Decals In Your Mobile Home Holiday Decorating

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The holidays are a perfect time to spruce up your mobile home’s appearance. Whether you like to go all-out and fill it from the floor to the rafters with festivity or whether you choose to redecorate with a few key items, you know that the walls are a possible canvas for your changes. After all, every home has wall space. And many homes have plenty of it. So, let’s take a look at how you can use decals. 

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The first step – choosing decals

Obviously, everybody’s favorite type of wall decal is going to be different. Some homeowners will select written sentiments. Others will steer clear of words. Some might apply several small pieces to their wall in different spots. Alternatively, they might choose to use larger decals.


Think about the tone you want your piece to achieve. Should it be whimsical, even cutesy? Or do you want it to create an understated appearance or maybe shoot for a sense of sophistication? Take the overall tenor of the area or the entire home into account here, too. 


Check out these decals and see if any appeal to you. Don’t see what you like? Then, plumb the depths of the internet for exactly what you’re looking for. 

The next step – applying decals

Determine the right spot. Once you have your decals in hand, evaluate the spot you’ve chosen. As you see the decal close up, you may decide to relocate your sticker to a place that seems more appropriate. 

Tip for everywhere

Okay, here’s the first thing you may want to do wherever you happen to be hanging your decal—wash the wall. Start with a wall that’s clean of dirt and grime and that’s completely dry after its washing. 

Plain white wall

If you’re doing the hanging job by yourself, you may want to make some marks with tape or a light pencil to guide your way. That way, you won’t get it up there only to step back and discover that it’s off-kilter. However, if you have two people you may be able to skip this step between the assistance of four hands and a level. 

Tips with mobile homes in mind

Of course, when it comes to mobile homes, we know the wall situation isn’t always the same as in a stick-built house. For instance, you might have paper on gypsum walls or vinyl on gypsum (VOG walls). Plus, you might have walls with faux wood paneling. Does this spell the end of festive holiday wall decals for your mobile home?  

The great news is that decals can still be applied to some textured walls. Even in stick-built houses, you’ll find textured walls. And that doesn’t mean decals are off the table. Our analysis says that if you can apply it to a textured wall in a stick-built house, you can give it a shot in your mobile! Here are some tips. 

Follow the directions on your decal’s packaging to begin with. Work slowly and carefully, checking as you go to ensure that the decal is indeed sticking. Apply pressure as needed with a squeegee, your fingers, or the applicator provided in your decal kit. 

If some spots of your decal are struggling to adhere to the wall, break out the hairdryer and apply heat. Another option is to use spray adhesive. 

Keep in mind

You don’t want to damage your wall. So, be cautious if you decide to use options that weren’t listed on your packaging directions. This is especially important for your holiday decorating—if you intend to remove the decals after the holidays. Be sure that you select products and adhesives that will allow you to remove the sticker and residue without removing the wall’s surface.  

A word about wall strips

We suggest you try to place your decal so as not to span any batten strips on your wall panels. Obviously, a batten strip introduces a raised area, so it’s probably better not to try to apply a decal on top of one. Find a space between panels so you don’t end up with a very tacky-looking decal design. 

All the holiday plans

Once you’ve filled your mobile home with enough cheering decorations, don’t forget to think about your other holiday plans. Check out Your Guide To Christmas Budgeting With Tips On Buying Gifts & Decor to get you started with your financial plans. And if you’re still stuck wondering what to buy for all the people on your holiday list, take a look at The Ultimate Gift Buying Guide For Everyone On Your List.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

October 28, 2022