Memory Tricks: How To Use Your Mobile Home Like A Mind Palace

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Do you forget things? Are you trying to hone your memory skills and work those memory muscles? 

Well, if you answered these questions with a resounding “Yes!” and if you’re always on the hunt for memory tips and tricks, then this artice article is for you — especially if you live in a mobile home.

In today’s article, we’re going to guide you through leveraging your mobile home for your memory. Have you heard of the memory trick of using a mind palace? Some people use actual buildings like their homes to help them remember things.

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We’re going to explain all this in more detail and look at how it could work for you as a mobile home owner. Does this sound like a bit of a stretch? Hear us out. A mind palace is a fantastic memory trick. So read on to learn more. 

How does a mind palace work?

A powerful memory technique, the mind palace trick can be traced as far back as ancient Rome. From world memory champions to college students, people leverage the mind palace technique for its proven effectiveness.

The idea behind the mind palace is that you’re using a well-known place to remember things. We all have a penchant for recalling well the places that are familiar to us — like our homes. Or in your case, your mobile home. 

So we’re going to show you how to use your mobile home for your memory palace. To you, your home is a well-known place. You’ll leverage this to your advantage in memorization.

How to use your mobile home like a mind palace

When it comes to why the mind palace memory trick works, it’s all in the fact that you’re relying on something you can visualize clearly in your mind’s eye. That’s why familiarity is a key component of the memory trick. Familiarity will bring success. A vivid recollection of your mobile home will prove effective. 

Be systematic in how you go through your mobile home

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To further enhance success with this memory trick, don’t just visualize your mobile home from a bird’s eye view — as if you were watching a two-dimensional depiction of your home. You don’t want to visualize it like you would a dollhouse where all rooms are seen at once. 

Instead, you’ll want to visualize a specific route through your home. Be specific in how you “walk through” your home as you visualize it. Taking an orderly approach will aid in memorization.

Note specifics in your palace

Make note of the specifics of your mind palace. Or in this instance, make note of the specifics of your mobile home in your mind’s eye. 

As an example, the first feature or detail that you home in on could be your porch as you’re walking into your mobile home. 

Once you walk through the door, make note of the first thing you notice in the room. What room would that be that you first walk into? Maybe it’s the living room. Be aware and intentional in surveying your home as you mentally walk through it. 

Be methodical in how you walk through your home and scan each room along the way. Each time you walk through your mind palace (or mental image of your mobile home) use that same route and method.

What features do you make note of? The painting of the sunset hanging on the wall? What about the coffee table? The couch? Jot it all down. Each feature you choose to zero in on will serve as a memory slot. Rehearse your route and your list of features in your mind until it’s all 100% committed to memory. This rehearsal is very important. 

Attach things you want to remember

Now that your memory palace is committed to memory, it’s time to associate things with each “memory slot.” 

Visual associations are what makes this technique work. So each feature of your mobile home that you homed in on is a slot for a memory. 

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But how do you insert a memory into that slot? Or, as a practical example, how do you associate a given memory with that living room coffee table? Use zany and ridiculous word pictures to attach a memory to your coffee table. Let’s say you want to remember to pick up eggs from the grocery store. In this case, you could imagine the coffee table is really a big griddle with green eggs frying on it. It’s a ridiculous scene. But it could stick with you. The more ridiculous, the better. 

Exercise your mind muscles

In using the mind palace memory trick, it’s all about strengthening your visualization muscles. Practice traversing your mind palace from the beginning to the end. Practice traveling through it backward. Over time, your mobile home mind palace will be ingrained in your memory, and leveraging it will be easier and easier. 

Happy memorizing! And if you know you need a brain boost to make this memorization happen, try reinventing your sleep routine by getting better sleep in your mobile home.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

June 1, 2020