8 Statement Ceilings That Are Trending For 2020

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Statement ceilings are back, and in a big way. This pre-1940’s design trend is a beautiful and modern upgrade, but it can also be timeless. Today, we’re going to take a look at a host of different ideas within the world of what’s especially trending for 2020. There will be something for everyone – the traditionalist, the lover of all things contemporary, the maximalist, and the minimalist.

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#1 Painted ceilings

Although painted ceilings will overlap with some of our other ideas, we want to start with the basics here. Simply put, you can just paint your ceilings! No fancy techniques or architectural changes necessary. Of course, there are some wonderful variations. 

Consider bringing your ceiling paint color halfway, or even just a quarter of the way, down the wall. If you’ve chosen a lighter color that’s well-suited for anywhere in the room, go ahead and paint the entire room – molding, walls, ceiling and all.

#2 Beadboard ceilings

Beadboard is a retro take on a statement ceiling. We love the use of turquoise in this design. A subtle statement ceiling is a great way to add a little color to an otherwise simple color palette. Also, shiplap is a great choice if you’re going for a look that’s a little more rustic. 

#3 Recessed ceilings

Recessed ceilings are commonly associated with bigger, fancier houses. But that doesn’t mean you can’t steal the idea. A recessed ceiling is a great idea for a mobile home remodel. Not only is it a smaller job than a vaulted ceiling, but it’s the perfect recipe for a statement ceiling. 

Of course, you could just leave it as a simple recess, but consider taking it a step further. Paint the inside of the recess, wallpaper it, or apply beadboard or shiplap.

#4 Decorative panels 

Ceiling panels, or lay-in tiles, may bring to mind your grandparent’s ugly basement ceiling from the ’80s. However, this is an extremely easy and inexpensive way to cover a popcorn ceiling or simply give your ceiling a little dimension. And unlike the ’80s version, modern ceiling tiles can look very high-end.

Ceiling tiles come in a variety of materials including plastic, wood, or tin, like the kitchen ceiling above from @farmhouseluv on Instagram

#5 Exposed ceilings

Exposed ceilings aren’t just for brownstones and basements. There are so many options to explore with this type of ceiling. You might choose to paint your wood or to stain it. And you can opt to leave your pipes and wires exposed or to hide them. Whatever you do, you can customize the look to your tastes and create a stunning statement ceiling that is anything but boring.

#6 Wallpapered ceilings

Here’s a trend that’s big this year. And we mean big. It includes covering your ceiling with big, bold, floral designs that actually look fantastic. But if florals aren’t your thing, maybe you’re a stripe person, or you like geometric patterns. And your ceiling can accomodate that too.

If perhaps you’d rather not take the chance of ruining your ceilings forever, we have two words for you: removable wallpaper. Yes! Easy to install and easy to remove if you find you don’t love it. Wallpapered ceilings might not be around for long, but who could resist trying them while they’re in?

#7 Ceiling medallions

For you folks who don’t like the idea of redoing an entire ceiling, ceiling medallions are right up your alley. Often these medallions (which you can find at your local home improvement store) are used right above a chandelier or other light fixture. There are many variations too – stenciled, tin, metal, and plastic. The available styles vary widely, from geometric starbursts to fancy designs that look like they belong in a Victorian mansion.

#8 Stenciled ceilings 

Although this is similar to #7, it deserves its own section. Ceiling stenciling can be simple or elaborate, depending on your style. A little less messy than wallpaper, and a little more customizable, stenciling is perfect for the creative mobile home owners who want to do something slightly more artistic with their ceilings. 

Make a statement

We hope statement ceilings stick around for a while. There’s something so pleasantly whimsical and charming about them. They add dimension to a room as nothing else can. Having a beautiful ceiling encourages us to remember to look up. It reminds us that there’s beauty in unexpected places, and all we need to do is find it (or create it, in this case). 

Remember to check out our recent article, the complete guide to creating a statement ceiling in your mobile home, to help you get started.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

June 3, 2020