19 Ways To Welcome Summer Into Your Mobile Home

Summer beverages

Summer is an easy season to love. Not only does it bring weather that’s conducive to outdoor activities, but it also provides more daylight and thus extra time to enjoy those activities. Plus, there’s the fun of meeting with family and friends for planned and impromptu gatherings from the porch to the park. Of course, summer days are limited, so plan to make the most of this delightful season. Let’s explore 19 ways to welcome summer into your mobile home.

Summer beverages

1 – Don’t leave the outdoors, outdoors

Obviously, there are some ways in which you certainly want to leave the outdoors where it belongs. For instance, most of us think that the less dirt we track into the house the better. So, definitely, don’t splash in puddles and purposely track it into the house.

On the other hand, there are some great ways to bring the outside inside. And while they may be common and even seem simplistic, you should still use them. First up—fresh flowers. Of course, this could be a perfect time to harvest blooms from your own backyard. But if you run out of flowers from your own garden, don’t worry.

They don’t have to come from your yard

Instead, simply supplement with bouquets from other sources. Whether you purchase your flowers from your local grocery store or farmers market, the main thing is to keep beautiful living things visible in your home.

And that doesn’t just include cut flowers. Living plants are another option, as is cut greenery. Afraid that you won’t remember to keep those plants alive? Take a look at 30 Indoor Plants That Are Almost Impossible to Kill.

Or simply create a watering schedule for yourself. Check each plant’s watering instructions and write it down. Then calculate which plants you’ll need to water on which days. Set a reminder on your phone that will go off on the right day. And you can even go so far as to make your phone remind you at a time that you know will likely be convenient to take a break and give the plants a drink.

2 – Open the windows on pleasant days

Doubtless, air conditioning is one of the greatest blessings of the modern age. And we can’t blame you if you keep yours working tirelessly once the summer heat hits. Really, this doesn’t mean you’re not enjoying summer.

Actually, you’re just enjoying it from a little more of a distance. Plus, on very hot days, a well-air-conditioned house can be a token of summer in itself. The vast difference between the heated, bright outdoors and the cooler, dimmer indoors can be reminiscent of summers past.

Now that we’ve acknowledged all that, still bear with us as we put in a plug for opening the windows. That is, on the days where it will actually make your mobile home’s atmosphere better and not worse.

This means that when things are breezy and cool outside, definitely let that freshness in. Clear out the old, stuffy air and replace it with a fresh oxygen supply. Just take care not to do it on a day when the pollen is going haywire. (At least not if you’re subject to seasonal allergies).

3 – Break out the barbecue, burgers & dogs

Whether you’re cooking for your own family or for others, too, it’s time to grill up the summer favorites. While barbecue, burgers, and hot dogs can be enjoyed year round, they do feel especially appropriate once summer hits.

So, stock up on your condiments and host a build-your-own coney bar. Ask a few friends to bring classic sides like potato salad and coleslaw. Then, supplement with potato chips and watermelon and you have an instant summer party.

4 – Try some new games

If the whole family has more downtime, it’s a great opportunity to have fun together. But, maybe you’ve run out of ideas. And the same old board games seem to have become “bored” games instead. Ask friends for game suggestions. Or gather some game inspiration via the internet.

And be sure you remember outdoor games, too. If you’ve never played classic outdoor games like bocce or croquet, give them a shot (pun intended). Then, there’s also horseshoes. And since having a tennis court at your house isn’t exactly the norm, try badminton instead.

Badminton racket and birdies on the grass

5 – Introduce pinwheels

There’s something almost naturally enthusiastic about pinwheels. What’s not to love about the cheery, sparkly spinners? Plus, they may hearken back to parades of prior years, making us feel nostalgic. One thing to do is place them in the house—gather several and place them in a glass jar tied with jute. But you could also place them outside to catch the breeze in garden beds or potted plants.

6 – Select the appropriate clothes

Sorry, sweaters, but you’re on the way out! If you’ve never discovered the joy of seasonally-appropriate clothing, we suggest you do so. Clearly, summer isn’t time for heavy boots and cozy sweaters.

Certainly, you’ll have a hard time enjoying the warmer weather if your clothes are making you sweat more than necessary. Alternatively, if you select comfortable clothing, you may find that you can love summer much more than ever before.

7 – Invest in shades

If your windows don’t have shades, now’s the time to get them. This way, when the sun is up and blazing, you’ll be able to shield your home from it. And it might even save on energy if you have to cool your house less. Just note that you don’t have to go for room darkening shades. After all, a little light seeping in around the edges can be a nice thing if you’re having to pull the shades during the daytime!

8 – Give your rooms summer makeovers

Sometimes, it’s nice to adjust your decor according to the seasons. In the winter, you might gravitate toward cozy colors. And in spring, pastels might be the order of the day. But come summer, it’s a great time to opt for decor inspired by the green and blooming outdoors. So start brainstorming for changes that will match your house to the current season.

9 – Set up a summer table runner

One candidate for your summer makeover? The dining table. After all, if you eat there daily (or several times daily)—why not set it up to provide a daily burst of beauty and joy? First, you can grab a table runner. Maybe linen or burlap, or even a summery quilted one.

Table runner or not, don’t forget your centerpiece. If you took our above advice to heart, you might already have some fresh cut flowers available. Arrange them in an elegant vase. Or for a more country look, try a half-gallon mason jar.

10 – Give your bedroom a summer refresh

Change out the bedspread to something lightweight and summer-inspired. Perhaps a vibrant floral pattern would do the trick. If you’re lost for ways to freshen the area, try introducing a basket or two for a new look. Another option is to bring in a wicker chair or a hanging rattan chair.

11 – Create a summery splash in the living room

Bright floral patterns on pillow

Now’s the time to ditch your corduroy throw pillows in favor of summer-inspired ones. Whether you elect to use bright florals, fresh stripes, or punchy polka dots, give it a makeover. And the same goes for your fleece or woven blankets. It might be the right moment to pack them out of sight. Instead, toss out a throw that’s lighter weight (and maybe a summery color).

12 – Make popsicles, ice cream, or sorbet

What’s the perfect antidote for a hot summer day? A cool refreshing treat, of course. And what’s the antidote for boredom? Making the treat yourself, for sure!

While you can use an ice cream maker for the job, it’s not a necessity. So if you don’t own one, don’t worry. Just check out Taste of Home’s How to Make Ice Cream Without An Ice Cream Maker. Alternatively, try out these 20 Best Healthy Popsicle Recipes collected by the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. And get the kids in on the action—let them help craft a tasty afternoon snack.  

13 – Create an indoor/outdoor treasure hunt for the young ones.

Don’t let your kids fall prey to summer boredom. Instead, dream up some fun activities for them to do. Lead them on a treasure hunt throughout the mobile home and yard. Or, if you have an abundance of time, you can even make a hunt that leads through the neighborhood and town, too. For instance, leave a clue at your local library. And drop one at the favorite park.

If you’d rather not create your own, see if your town hosts any of their own. You could also consider geocaching!

14 – Swap out the tablecloth

What says summer more than a chequered table cloth? Spread out a lovely one in royal blue. But there’s also the classic red to consider. And, depending on your other kitchen decor, you could also try pink or yellow.

Finish it off with a simple vase of flowers (may we suggest wild daisies?). In fact, you don’t have to go far, just gather a few wild ones from the backyard or the nearby roadside (if allowed).

15 – Go for gingham

Gingham is a fabric well-suited to summertime. Maybe a chequered tablecloth like we suggested above isn’t your style. That’s okay, there are other ways to bring in the joy of gingham fabric—with large or tiny checks.

Give some chequered curtains a shot. Or you could create a table runner yourself (in gingham) if you’re in the mood to make something. Even the simplicity of a new basket (or an antique one) lined with gingham could bring a summer look to your spot.

16 – Shoot for nautical

How about bringing the ocean into your mobile home? Of course, you don’t want literal water. (So don’t sit around and wish for flooding or anything like that). But you can still have a mobile home aesthetic that evokes the sea.

A ship's wheel hanging on the wall

Try working with some or all of these:

  • Lifesavers on the walls
  • Buoys
  • Model ship
  • Ship’s wheel
  • Hourglass
  • Anchor
  • Rope

You can even take the nautical look straight to your furniture—whether it’s a boat-inspired bookshelf or a chair that’s constructed to look like a boat.  

17 – Make no bones about celebrating “Summer”

Summer is a fantastic time of year. So, why not put up some decor that celebrates that fact straightforwardly. How about a bunting with triangles strung on a hemp rope that spell out: S U M M E R T I M E?

Or use cute children’s blocks on a mantel to spell out the same word. Once you have that, you can always build out some other decor around it. Choose complementary or matching colors and introduce a vase or other items.

18 – Lean into lemons

Lemonade is the quintessential summer drink. And lemons themselves are such a cheerful, even sunny, fruit. Combine the potability with the prettiness and you have both a refreshing drink and decor inspiration.

Make lemonade (with plenty of ice). Start with real lemons if you want to take it to the next level. Then, of course, the next step is to drink it. Or, perhaps the next step is actually to have the youngsters set up a lemonade stand (if permitted in your neighborhood). Nothing like a chance to learn the value of a small enterprise—not to mention the joy of summer spending money.

Finally, here’s our favorite idea. We’ve been saving the best for last!

19  – Cultivate a plant wall

Plant walls bring a piece of greenhouse or arboretum right into the house. Not only is this going to be a gorgeous addition to your mobile home, but it also could have health benefits, too. Take a look at the ultimate guide to living green walls to learn more.

Plow into some new projects

Summer can also be a great time to enjoy some extra projects around your mobile home. Itching to do something new? Check out 7 Projects Using Reclaimed Wood Around Your Mobile Home. And don’t forget to take the youngest members of your family into account. Try our 5 Kid-Friendly Spaces You’ll Want To Have In Your Mobile Home.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

June 21, 2019