How To Organize Your Seasonal Household & Decor Items

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There’s a reason fall cleaning is an American tradition. Maybe it’s all the changes taking place outside, or perhaps it’s the anticipation of being cooped up for months on end. Whatever the cause, the coming of autumn makes us eager to clean the hidden corners of our homes. And we can feel desperate to bring a bit of order to the areas we’ve neglected throughout the warmer months.

Not the least of these areas is seasonal household storage. Many people have beautiful memories surrounding their seasonal decor. Year after year they dig through their garage or attic or guest room turned dumping ground for the same sentimental items to bring back the nostalgia and warm feelings of family and tradition.

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Having a system of organization can help you get right to the fun part of decorating your home with memories. With a good system, you will know where everything is, and you can be sure that it is all safe and sound the way you left it. In this article, we’ll discuss some great rules to go by when organizing your seasonal and household decor storage. 

Sort by season

The first and most obvious step is to sort by season or holiday. If you have the space, lay it all out so that you can get an idea of how much you are dealing with. You may want to make subcategories within seasons. For instance, you may have a bin of fall decorations that you pull out at the beginning of autumn. And then you might want a separate bin for decor that is strictly used during the Thanksgiving hosting craze.

Make a separate pile for things you will use during more than one season

In addition to making piles for each season, you are most likely going to come across things you use more than once throughout the year. Think wrapping paper, candlesticks, non-holiday specific vases, faux garlands, ribbons, etc. You will definitely want these in their own bins, separate from the things that you will only be getting into once a year.

Choose your storage bins

There are a few different things to consider when picking out your storage bins. Choosing colors that can be coordinated by seasons or categories is one option. Clear bins can also be a great choice as this will allow you to see what’s inside without opening them. 

In addition to color, consider using the same bins for all your categories. Uniform bins are easier to stack and store, and there is so much satisfaction in uniformity.

One last consideration, choose containers that seal well. They may cost a bit extra, but these will keep bugs and mice away from your irreplaceable family treasures. This is especially important if you are storing items made from natural fibers, such as wool Christmas stockings. 

Label your bins

Also, be sure to label everything! Even if you are color-coordinating your bins, having labels will make your job so much easier when you are searching for something specific. You might even want to consider making a complete list of every item that belongs in each bin. While it might take a bit of time up front, it will make the process of locating items, and then again of repacking them, much faster.

Take the time to put things away securely and neatly

As you go about the ordeal of putting your now categorized seasonal decor into the appropriate bins, make sure you take the time to properly pack each item. This includes wrapping breakables, placing heavy things on the bottom, putting each ornament into a proper ornament box, etc. These extra measures of care will help protect your belongings through their storage period. Continue these measures as a matter of habit every time you repack your seasonal decor to extend its life and preserve those memorable trinkets.

Keep your multi-seasonal bins more easily accessible than your once-a-year bins

Now that you have packed your holiday decor into their proper bins, it’s time to put it all away. How this looks will depend on whether you are putting them in an attic, garage, storage unit, shed, or somewhere else altogether. Regardless, make sure you keep those multi-seasonal bins readily accessible. Digging for bins once a year isn’t a big deal. Digging for them over and over can be a real pain in the neck.

You might even want to consider keeping these bins in a different place altogether, such as a hall closet.

Purge regularly 

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One final note, we strongly recommend that you purge regularly. Take notice of the things you find yourself leaving in the bins year after year. If it’s not sentimental and you haven’t used it for several holiday seasons in a row, consider giving it away to someone who will use it, or donate it. In fact, we recommend you consider this each year as you pack up your seasonal decor. Take the time to purge the things that are just taking up valuable space.

Get excited about the changing seasons

While organizing your storage may not be the most thrilling of autumnal undertakings, getting rid of the clutter and chaos will certainly clear your conscience. Your mind will be free to fully enjoy the changing seasons and the festivities that go along with it. 

Why not give the outside of your home a seasonal update as well? With the unseen nooks and crannies of the inside cleaned and organized, you’ll have no problem relaxing on your front porch with your hot drink, watching the seasons change around you.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

September 17, 2019