The Ultimate Guide: 30 Things You Can DIY Around Your Mobile Home

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Do you love DIY? If you do, you’re in the right place. There is no shortage of things you can create yourself around your mobile home. It’s the perfect way to get your creative juices flowing while putting a personal touch on the exterior and interior of your property.

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Because we are crazy about DIY too, we’ve compiled an ultimate list of 30 things you can do yourself around your mobile home.

#1 Built-in storage 

First, we need to talk about storage. We all want it, and usually, we don’t get enough of it. Generally, it’s critical to keep your rooms decluttered and organized.

Built-in storage can be tricky to construct. You need to cut into your mobile home’s drywall and install several fixtures. However, it’s usually worth it because it is one of the most effective ways to use the space you have available.

#2 Furniture

For many crafters, building your own furniture feels like the ultimate achievement. You get to create a beautiful piece of work that you and your family can use and enjoy every day. Generally, some skill or past experience will be useful for furniture-creation projects.

However, there are many types of furniture that even a beginner can DIY-er tackle – like a nightstand or a bookshelf.

The key is to pick a relatively simple designs and to be creative with the materials and parts you use.

#3 Wallpaper your ceiling

Overall, one of the biggest trends in 2020 is wallpapered ceilings. And no wonder. You can completely transform the aesthetic of your room with this one upgrade. Best of all, this is an excellent project to DIY, even if you’ve never applied wallpaper before.

Depending on the size of the surface, you can complete this in a few hours.

#4 Reupholster your furniture

Many a dilapidated couch or chair has been saved by a new cover or set of pillows. Sometimes that’s all they need to look and feel brand new. This way you can save tons of money, and you can save even more if you are going to do-it-yourself at home.

#5 Industrialize your furniture

But reupholstering isn’t the only way you can update your old furniture. An alternative is to put an industrial spin on your stuff. And this is another major trend. You don’t always have to spend big bucks or buy new products to keep up with the latest styles.

#6 Freshen up your ventilation

It’s a common misconception that it’s impossible to clean or service your home’s ventilation yourself. However, that’s not always the case. You can typically do some basic cleaning yourself to freshen up the ventilation and therefore improve the air quality inside.

#7 Refloor your mobile home 

One common issue with older and second-hand mobile homes is their floors. They are often scuffed and damaged after years of use. Or, in some cases, the old vinyl might not suit your modern sensibilities.

Luckily, you can replace and redo the floor of your house as a DIY project. Among other steps, this involves removing the old flooring, installing new subflooring, and possibly adding some extras like insulation.

#8 Paint the walls

If you are looking for a low-cost, quick, and easy DIY solution to transform the appearance of your mobile home, consider paint. 

A fresh coat of paint can really feel like a new start. You should be able to paint most of the common types of paneling and siding on your inner and outer walls.

But you need to do some research to make sure you do any necessary prep work and use the right finish.

#9 Create seasonal decorations

No holiday feels complete if you don’t have ample decorations. It’s essential to get the atmosphere and the appearance of the celebration on point. Making the decorations yourself is a fun, family activity. This can be a great way to keep your kids busy over the holidays.

One of our favorite decorations that you can do yourself is create your own Christmas wreath.

#10 Refinish the windows

Once again, one of the biggest strengths of a DIY spirit is that you can renew some of your old items instead of replacing them. Windows are just one example. Before you decide to rip out the sills, check out your other options. Refinishing or otherwise upgrading might be great solutions.

Window with blinds and curtains

For example, there are many different types of window treatments like roman shades you can install. You don’t have to spend much time or money.

#11 New door

Unfortunately, the standard doors that come with mobile homes can look uninteresting or, at the extreme, unappealing. Besides this, they aren’t always the most practical or the highest quality solution. 

Thankfully you can replace them. By designing and installing the doors yourself, you can customize the project from start to finish.

Here are a few types of doors to consider:

  • Collapsible doors
  • Dutch doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Glass doors

#12 Winterize the home

All mobile homeowners need to know how to winterize their property. These are the DIY preparations that you need to take to protect the structure and your belongings from the cold and other extreme weather conditions.

#13 Clean and scrub

Some marks on your mobile home walls can legitimately be intimidating. Sometimes, you might think your only option is to paint over the problem area or even call in an expert cleaning company. 

But there are a bunch of tried and tested solutions that can help you remove the scuffs and stains.

#14 DIY repairs

All in all, this might not be one of the most fun projects on this list. However, once it’s done, you can feel satisfied and rest easy because you’ve made your home better to live in. 

You don’t need to put off your mobile home repairs any longer. With some information and help, you will be able to DIY most of them. For example, you can:

  • Repair leaks
  • Reseal your door frames
  • Fix your plumbing

#15 Create a home office

Working from home is the new open-plan office. More and more people and even companies are getting on board this train. If you want to, you can try remote working or freelance work. But many people are going the route of starting a business.

While you can always transform just one room of your mobile home into a home office, you can also turn the entire home into an office for your business. Luckily, you can DIY this by making changes to the different rooms in the home.

#16 Gorgeous nursery

Are all those Instagram pictures of celebrities’ baby nurseries making you envious?

These rooms often look too good to be true. You can usually use the terms stylish, beautiful, and flawless to describe them. But you don’t need a team of interior decorators to achieve this look. You can create this aesthetic yourself from scratch.

#17 Fix your landscaping

Have you parked your mobile home on a substantial lot?

In this case, you should definitely take the time to work on your landscaping. It doesn’t matter if the yard has been seriously neglected. There is much you can do to improve its condition.

#18 Organize your kitchen

Nowadays, experts in organizational skills are popping up everywhere. You can even hire companies to tidy up and arrange your items for you. 

But usually, this doesn’t feel as good as doing it yourself. You can organize your kitchen or pantry so that it looks professionally done – with magnetic storage, fruit baskets, and all. Then you can feel like a chef too.

#19 Relevel the mobile home

Overall, this project might appear to be one of the more challenging to DIY. Yet it is on that can have a significant impact. Normally, a mobile home will settle after you’ve installed it.

When this happens, it might no longer be level, and the structure might become unstable. Plus, crackcs could appear in your walls, floors, and ceilings. If this happens to you, you might want to think about releveling the mobile home by yourself.

#20 Improve the curb appeal

Preferably, you want the inside and outside of your mobile home to match one another. And you want both areas to look equally attractive. Achieving this is especially important if you want to sell or rent out your property. Therefore, one project that you should start right now is improving your mobile home’s curb appeal.

Stone paved curb with plants

#21 Fix the plumbing

Most of us have the potential to become pretty good handymen. This means that you can even handle tasks like basic plumbing problems.

There are plenty of things you can try to fix by yourself, like dealing with freezing pipes. Besides this, you could also perform the right preparations to winterize your plumbing and stop frozen pipes from occuring in the first place.

But in saying that, we also need to add that you should know your limits. There are some jobs that you need to leave to a professional and licensed plumber.

#22 Go green

Sustainable living seems to be the way to go. Whether you want to save money or try to combat climate change, you can benefit from this.

One barrier to going green is that it seems too hard to do and requires some expert intervention. But there are actually a bunch of things you can do yourself to make your mobile home or park more eco-friendly.

#23 Country cottage transformation

So far, we’ve mostly looked at smaller scale DIY projects. 

However, you can also go all out. One of our favorite projects is to transform your mobile home into a country cottage. Through some low-effort changes like painting your furniture white or establishing a neutral backdrop, you can achieve this charming look.

#24 Boutique mobile home

Another full home transformation you should consider is turning the space into a boutique-style property. This aesthetic is an excellent option if you want to use the house as a guesthouse or an Airbnb.

This type of style is pretty flexible, and you can personalize it to suit your taste. The key is to use elements that you like to create a high-end look and feel.

#25 Remodel an old mobile home

Remodeling an older mobile home is an entirely different story than renovating a newer model. There is often much more work involved – and fresh challenges. The damage and wear and tear likely have accumulated over the years, and you’ll need to address them.

However, unless the problems are pervasive, you should still be able to remodel the mobile home without professional help.

#26 Start planting

Another great DIY around your mobile home can be to get started with potted plants

Usually, this is a less challenging route to go then trying to start and maintain garden beds. Just remember to choose plants that can survive the light and climate conditions in your area.

A beautiful garden isn’t just easy on the eye. In the end, gardening can have some benefits for your physical and mental health – for example, helping reduce stress.

#27 Build or fix your fireplace

Winters can get icy across the United States. Every state has had times where the temperatures drop below zero. The coldest temperature that has been recorded so far was -70°F in Montana. That’s why you need to make sure you can keep you and your family warm.

One of the best and most cozy ways to do this is with a fireplace. You can build one yourself. And if you already have one, you should make sure to fix or maintain any issues regularly.

#28 Seasonal decorations for your mobile home

You certainly don’t need an event planner to turn your mobile home into a holiday wonderland. Putting up decorations a surefire way to get everyone in the seasonal spirit. Decorating your space can also be a very fun and exciting way to spend some family time.

#29 Create a mobile home community announcement board

Community announcement boards can be the ideal way to communicate and connect with your neighbors. In most cases, this can be a fairly hassle-free DIY project to design, create, and install. You can use it to post the following types of messages:

  • Weather forecasts
  • Invitations to events
  • Changes to rules
  • Advertisements
  • Local news and more.

#30 Turn your home into a garden

Variety of plants

According to some, plants don’t only belong outdoors. Houseplants can have a variety of benefits, such as purifying the air and improving the quality of your sleep. Therefore, one great project you can tackle is bringing nature inside your mobile home.

From top to bottom

We hope this list has shown you that you can almost entirely transform your mobile home and its lot with DIY projects. The number of things you can do is nearly endless. Significantly, some research can often substitute for experience and skill.

The time is long gone when people thought of handmade items as outdated. Now, tapping into the power of making things yourself is one of the best ways to keep your home style on point. To find out more about recent decor trends, check out a few of our favorite mobile home makeovers and take a look at mobile home decorating trends over the last five decades.


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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

March 6, 2020